Good On Paper Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Good On Paper Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

According to the genre description, “good,” this movie is a romantic comedy that will be released in America soon. Kimmy Gatewood is the director, while Han West, David Bernon, Paul Bernon, & Sam Slater are the producers. Brilliant BGM and music were created by Jonathan Sanford.

Iliza Shlesinger, who also serves as the main character in this film, wrote the script. Giles Dunning & Kyla Plewes handled the filming and editing.

The production of this film was eagerly anticipated by Meridian Content, Universal Pictures, and Burn Later Productions. The OTT service Netflix is in charge of distributing this film. The whole audience is eagerly anticipating seeing the film as a family, which will make them all laugh and smile.

Good On Paper Season 1 Release Date:

This year’s Good On Paper teaser, which was published on May 18th, drew attention while keeping the mystery surrounding the man in the trailer a secret. The Netflix release date for this film is June 23, 2023.

Good On Paper Season 1 Trailer Release:

The YouTube channel has the promising-on-paper trailer.

Good On Paper Season 1 Cast:

Iliza is going to be a celebrity, along with a writer who supports her comedian career. The cast & characters in this film are performed with intense acting talents.

  • Iliza Shlesinger As Andrea, 
  • Dennis is Ryan Hansen.
  • Patricia Cho
  • Rittenhouse, Rebecca
  • Tyler Matt McGorry Hill Cameron Tyler

Good On Paper Season 1 Storyline:

This 92-minute comedy film will only be available in “English,” and it will only be available in one language. An excellent effort at stand-up comedy that also incorporates romance would be this movie.

Season 6 of the competitive reality series “Iliza Shlesinger” on NBC, which is modeled on the stand-up comedy “Last Comic Standing” from 2008, saw “Iliza Shlesinger” win the genuine title.

Shlesinger and Netflix get along well since he has previously created five comedy specials. The audience and her admirers are eager to witness her script and acting abilities in this, which would be her debut stand-up comedy movie.

The decision to stream the film in cinemas has not yet been made by the filmmakers since Netflix is handling all aspects of the film’s successful launch and broadcast. This is the initial film that comic stars will appear in, and it is full of cutting humor.

This film will combine humor with serious material. Iliza’s talent and hilarity would make Comedy Hunt the star of the whole film. Since everyone will laugh thanks to Iliza’s talents, the movie will be a tremendous success and go down in history as the initial stand-up comedy picture.

Based on the release of the trailer, the public is giving the film a lot of positive feedback. This film will be fantastic to see thanks to a new leading character and hilarious comic timing. The film would be fantastic about the guy being the center of a series of strange events that might escalate to violence.

A girl who does stand-up comedy meets a man & seems to fall in love with him; the guy is the center of a twist that is still hidden, but everyone in the audience will sense it as they watch the film. Since the audience is already familiar with Iliza, they anticipate a fantastic comedy to develop inside the movie’s premise.

In this film, Iliza portrays a 34-year-old woman who meets a man who plays golf, but the man comes across as false while trying to win her over.

Later, when she realizes what that person was trying to accomplish, she uses her clever plan—which has a touch of humor—to dumb him down.

On June 23, the second chapter of the tale will be available for streaming. It will be fantastic to see, and those who are anticipating this film may add it with their watchlist.

Andrea Singer is a struggling wannabe actress and stand-up comedian. Dennis Kelley meets Andrea at the airport after bringing back her lost boarding pass when she is returning from an audition.

Andrea is seated next to Dennis on the trip, who introduces himself as a Yale graduate who operates in hedge funds. They clicked, and they started spending time within Los Angeles.

Dennis assists Andrea with her audition preparation, and they get close. Dennis develops feelings for Andrea and approaches her about dating, but she declines.

Dennis deceits Andrea into spending time with him one evening. After going out and getting wasted, they hook up. Andrea consents to be his girlfriend in the morning.

Andrea & her friend Margot begin to wonder whether Dennis is all that he promises to be as they become closer. Andrea finds that Dennis made up stories about his mother’s illness, his home, his work, and his college degree.

Margot gets Dennis intoxicated in an effort to exact revenge, and he falls unconscious. Andrea confronts Dennis after Margot and she unintentionally hurt him.

Later, Andrea finds out that Dennis has sued her for kidnapping him. She gets a restraining order & extra material for her stand-up performance after confronting him once again.

The movie was inspired by a true story involving Shlesinger, which she transformed into a stand-up act called “Lying Brian” in 2015 and had it shown on Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening.

Shlesinger recounts meeting a guy called Brian Murphy on a flight in her comedy performance. Brian made the claim that he had a Yale degree and worked for a hedge firm.

when becoming acquaintances, they started dating more and eventually started a relationship when he phoned to inform her that his mom had cancer.

When Shlesinger’s mother learned that he attended Ohio State University as well as that he resided in a duplex in Hollywood rather than a home in Beverly Hills, she became dubious of his past.

Shlesinger discovered that no one in her family resided at Brian’s mother’s address after asking him for it. In the end, Brian admitted that everything had been a deception to win her over.

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