Green Lantern Corps, unveiled the protagonist of the cinecomic DC Films: it will not be Hal Jordan!

In the last few we have been talking about Green Lantern: Finn Wittrock will play Guy Gardner in the HBO Max series about the Green Lanterns, while Zack Snyder unveiled a deleted scene from Justice League that would have included the famous DC superhero.

Now Heroic Hollywood exclusively reports that Jon Stewart will star in Green Lantern Corps, a new DC Films cinecomic that has been in the works for some time at Warner Bros. For those who don’t know, Jon Stewart assumed the identity of the Green Lantern after the famous Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, and after its popularity grew thanks to the animated series Justice League (2001-2004) and its sequel Justice League Unlimited, became a regular character in the comics of the Justice League of America he was born in Corps of Green Lanterns.

Curiously in recent days, Twitter imploded when it was revealed that John Stewart would not be the main character of the TV series. Green Lantern currently in production at HBO, quickly becoming a trend on the social platform due to the outrage of fans, but HH quotes an insider of the project that the same John Stewart will be the main character in the film Green Lantern Corps, currently under development: Hal Jordan will also appear in the work, the Green Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds in the film of the same name who in this project will have a mentor role for John.

The film was initially developed and written by Geoff Johns, but it’s unclear if the cartoonist is still tied to the project. In the past few weeks, it has been revealed that Green Lantern was to be introduced by Zack Snyder in his Justice League but the scene was scrapped when Warner Bros. vetoed the use of the character, for which it had specific plans.

As always, we invite you to stay tuned for all the upcoming news on the film and the DC universe.

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