“Here’s what role Green Lantern would have played in the sequels”

After unveiling the Green Lantern costume on the social network Twitter, the director Zack Snyder told what role John Stewart would have played in the much talked about Justice League 2 e 3.

As you may know the character was originally intended for the famous Snyder Cut, and a scene was actually shot with actor Wayne T. Carr in the role. However, Warner Bros. asked the director to keep the character out of the film, considering that DC Films is currently working on the Green Lantern Corps film and the Green Lantern TV series for HBO Max, so the author replaced the character with Martian Manhunter in the final scene of Justice League with Ben Affleck.

Now, talking to Uproxx, Snyder discussed the role Green Lantern / John Stewart would play Justice League 2 e Justice League 3. The director revealed: “Green Lantern in the Justice League sequels would have had two roles, essentially: because we would have seen him both in the post-apocalyptic world, where his mission would have been to help the survivors, while he would later reunite the Green Lantern Corps for battle. final against Darkseid and his army.

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