‘Here’s why Woody Harrelson no longer wears a wig’

There is great curiosity around the Carnage that we will see in Venom: The Fury of Carnage: The character of Woody Harrelson is a villain with great potential and the star of Born Assassins is an actor loved enough to ensure that the expectations are the best, as evidenced by the welcome given to him after the finale of the 2018 film.

Almost absolute protagonist of the first trailer of Venom: The Fury of Carnage, Cletus Kasady appeared in fact during the last scenes of the film with Tom Hardy, showing off among other easily recognizable look, with a very flashy red curly wig.

Wig that seems to have disappeared in this second film, as confirmed by director Andy Serkis: “We wanted to convey the impression that he had been in there for quite a while, undergoing some changes. We wanted to get rid of that stuff so we could focus on the dark side of this character“were the words of Serkis.

The director then spoke of the relationship between Kasady and Brock: “[Eddie] is the only person Kasady talks to. And this is why there is something similar in their personalities“. What do you expect from this sequel to Venom? Do you like the new look of Cletus Kasady? Have your say in the comments! Here, in the meantime, what powers Carnage could have in Venom 2.

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