Home Town Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Home Town Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

It’s not only that everyone wishes they could have their own beautiful home, but that they really do. To achieve everyone’s goal of owning their desired residences, two residents of the United States have been diligently working since 2016.

They’ve been toiling away in the Mississippi streets, constructing homes for individuals in accordance with their hopes and wishes. After several years in the industry, they finally received widespread media attention.

The one thing that will never change is the fact that Ben and Erin Napier’s Home Town will always be on HGTV. Home Town has been airing on TV since January of 2016, and we’re relieved to hear that it won’t be cancelled any time soon. The premiere date for Home Town season 7 was just revealed by HGTV, so viewers will soon be able to return to Laurel, Mississippi.

Home Town Season 7 Release Date:

Fans have been wondering why the show hasn’t returned for a seventh season since it was cancelled after airing its sixth season in 2022.

They had been hoping for some positive news for quite some time. The producers, hosts, as well as of obviously, HGTv have all confirmed the show’s reappearance, as was reported in a newspaper not too long ago. This means that the premiere of the seventh season will be January 7, 2024.

Home Town Season 7 Trailer Release:

There is now a Season 7 Home Town trailer accessible online. The official YouTube account currently only has trailers for past seasons.

Home Town Season 7 Cast:

  • Erin Napier, host
  • Ben Napier, host.
  • Jim MacPherson.
  • Jenna Keane.
  • Toni Miceli.

Home Town Season 7 Storyline:

Ross and Laura want to move to a small town, and Ben & Erin help them discover the perfect house for them, complete with a welcoming porch and enough to expand Laura’s pottery company. Ben and Erin make the couple’s newly purchased house appear like it has been adorned with family heirlooms throughout time.

After realizing that they have outgrown their first home, Will, Courtney, & their sons engage Ben and Erin’s assistance in their search for a new, permanent residence.

On their dream list is a spacious, historic home that’s filled in character & small-town charm. Ben & Erin offer the couple a pair of homes, one enormous and lacking in character, and the other little and charming but in need of extensive repairs. Will and Courtney must prioritize in light of a total budget of $200,000.

Kyle and Brooke are packing up and moving back to their hometown in Mississippi because they wish for their “someday children” to experience growing up in a small town like they did.

They’re looking for a place with character and future potential. Ben or Erin show the couple three Craftsman houses: a character-rich cottage in require of an upgrade and a quirky but big house with a tiny kitchen. Both properties cost about the same, so Kyle and Brooke have to figure out where their $200,000 can go the farthest.

Coy & Kenya are relocating to the city so they may be closer to their kids and grandkids. They are now empty nesters and have set up $125,000 to go toward a historic cottage.

Ben or Erin show the couple two distinct cottages: one that is tiny and antiquated but has curb appeal, and another that lacks character but has a reasonable price.

The Napiers and HGTV have been quiet about the next season, but we do know a few details about the launch. “In the series opener, Ben is recovering from elbow surgery, so he enlists his best friends, Jim Raspberry & Josh Nowell, to help Erin renovate a home for a family appearing to escape the cold Canadian winters,” according to HGTV’s announcement.

“The new Laurel residents hope that Ben & Erin will locate them a property with sufficient outdoor space for their household of six to enjoy their newly acquired southern digs.”

The pair maintained their modest demeanor and approach to work even after becoming internationally renowned thanks to a variety of periodicals, including the widely read Sothern Weddings.

A few months later, one of the more popular television networks, HGTV, contacted the couple. In addition, several of its offshoots have been seen on the popular Discovery channel.

Only the show’s hosts, Erin & Be, make the trip to a small Mississippi town to help the locals there get new homes. Up until this point, every season of their program has been among the most popular and effective of its kind.

This is how the show’s second season has garnered the highest fan anticipation. The program has spawned several offshoots, such as Home Town Takeover and Home Town” Ben’s Workshop, in addition to its successors.

As a military family, Kristen wishes she could see her children grow up in the same little community as she did. Now since husband Kelvin is near to retirement, they’ve chosen to settle down so that their young kids having a place to call home.

With a total budget of $250,000, Ben and Erin offer Kelvin and Kristen two suitable houses for a growing family: a large, historic home with a lot of space and a smaller, more affordable craftsman with a larger “to do” list.

Ben and Erin design the perfect house for their growing family, complete with a study nook, a playroom, and a beautiful new kitchen with a one-of-a-kind bowling alley countertop.

Where To Watch Home Town Season 7?

HGTV has every season of Home Town and all of the spin-offs.

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