how did he train for the John Wick saga?

Keanu Reeves is currently preparing for the making of John Wick 4, a new episode of the acclaimed action film saga created and directed by the director Chad Stahelski.

But how did he train to reproduce the exploits of his iconic character in previous episodes? Simple, by dint of bullets exploded in the firing range: as shown in the video at the bottom of the article by the star of Matrix, beyond to daily workouts in the gym to polish the body ea long sessions with the stunt coordinators to hone his fighting skills and memorize the moves to be made during the shoot, he also passed a lot of time at the shooting range to train in the use of firearms, which John Wick masters like few others.

The video below refers to the preparation of a scene by John Wick 3, as evidenced also by the presence of Halle Berry, who for the occasion keeps an eye on the timer and records the time of his colleague.

We remember that the John Wick franchise is gearing up for a major expansion: in addition to the arrival of John Wick 4 e John Wick 5in fact, the film spin-off Ballerina and the TV series are also currently in development The Continental, which will focus on youth on Winston, the character who is played by Ian McShane in the film series.

John Wick 4 currently has a release date set for May 27, 2022.

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