How many awards has Sophia Loren won? Let’s retrace the career of the Italian diva

Thanks to the victory at the David di Donatello 2021, who saw her return home with the award for the best leading actress for the film Netflix Life ahead, la superstar Sophia Loren he now has another trophy to add to his large wall.

But exactly how many awards has Sophia Loren won over the course of her career? Make yourself comfortable, because there is no short answer to this question.

Sophia, first under some pseudonyms (such as Sofia Scicolone or Sofia Lazzaro), began to appear in Italian cinema from 1950, and soon reached success with some well-known films such as Bread, love and …, Two nights with Cloepatra, One day in the district court, and especially The gold of Naples, first collaboration with Vittorio de Sica. From these, after some ‘running-in’ films with Fellini, Comencini and Blasetti, Risi, Cukor and Carol Reed, it will be directed again in 1960 by Vittorio De Sica for The ciociara, which won the Academy Award, the first ever awarded to an actress in a film not in the English language. In 1991 she was also awarded the honorary Oscar, for a career that saw her alongside some of the most important directors of all time such as Sidney Lumet, Charlie Chaplin, Mario Monicelli and Ettore Scola and absolute stars like Marcello Mastroianni, Marlon Brando, Cary Grant e Clark Gable.

In addition to the two Oscars already mentioned, Sophia Loren has also won five Golden Globes, a Golden Lion, a Grammy Award, a Coppa Volpi at the Venice Film Festival, a Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, a Golden Bear for Lifetime Achievement at Berlin Film Festival, one BAFTA award, eleven David di Donatello awards (including two gold plaques, one Lifetime Achievement David and one special David) and three Silver Ribbons. Among other things, the competitive David have always been for the leading actress category, for movies La ciociara, Yesterday, today, tomorrow, Italian wedding, Sunflowers, The journey, A special day and, last night, for A life ahead of him: the last two competitive David are separated by a span of 43 years (2021-1978), demonstrating the longevity and consistency of a career like few others.

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