How to Choose the Right Canadian Snow Train

How to Choose the Right Canadian Snow Train

Because of its picturesque wintry landscapes, it is not surprising that Canada boasts some spectacular trains to rival the Orient Express. Special excursion trains with seasonal schedules take the snow-covered Canadian Rockies and other parts of the nation on a tour. There are several train options to choose from, and here are some tips on how to select the right Canadian Snow Train for your winter railroad adventure.

  • Look at the route

The most important aspect is the route of the Canadian snow train trip. Think about where you want to go and what monuments or places you would like to visit along the way. Some only take in the Rockies; others go through many provinces. Here are the routes for each snow train. Choose the one that best fits your travel experiences and the scenery you want to see.

  • Assess the Length of the Trip

Snow train excursions range from speedy weekend getaways to week-or-more-long vacations. You can decide just how much time you want to spend on a Canadian snow train tour. Shorter trips emphasize the highlights, while longer journeys have a more immersive feel. Add in where the start and end points are located. You must allow time to get to the departure point, too.

  • Compare Schedule and Departure Dates

Canadian snow trains usually run on a fixed seasonal schedule, from late November to mid-March. Take a look at the calendar of departure dates provided for each train excursion. Choose travel dates that suit your schedule. While some trains have only a few departures, others provide many choices. If you book early, you are guaranteed to get reservations on your preferred date.

  • Review onboard accommodations

Part of the enjoyment of a Canadian snow train is being able to admire the scenery from the comfort of your cabin or dome car seat. Check what types of accommodations are available on the train. Many have private cabins with bunk beds, while some luxury trains offer hotel-style rooms. There are also options with shared dormitory bunks for budget travelers. Make sure the onboarding experience matches your needs.

  • Consider extra activities

Some snow train operators include off-train experiences as part of the trip. For instance, certain excursions feature skiing, snowmobiling, or dog-sledding adventures. Other trains coordinate optional cultural tours focused on winter activities. If you want activities beyond just train sightseeing, look for a snow train that provides access to experiences that pique your interest.

  • Compare Pricing

Of course, cost plays a role when selecting Canadian railroad trips. Prices can vary widely depending on the amenities, length of trip, cabin type, and more. Determine your budget, then see which trains offer good value. Shorter budget trips are more affordable, while luxury multi-day journeys can be pricier. Understand exactly what’s included, so there are no hidden surprises.


Riding a snow train through the majestic Canadian winter landscape is a bucket-list experience. By carefully researching your options and finding the right train for your travel style and preferences, you’re sure to have an amazing adventure. Just relax in your seat, watch the scenery unfold outside your window, and enjoy every magical snow-filled moment.

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