How to Fight Chapter 218 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

How to Fight Chapter 218 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Did you watch the show How to Fight and then start reading the manga? How to Fight is a manhwa book that is full of action, fantasy, adventure, and love. Park Tae Joo wrote and drew it.

Fans have been carefully waiting for each new part of the manhwa to come out since the first one came out on May 23, 2021. This piece will talk about the release date of How to Fight Volume 218, its story, possible surprises, a reading guide, as well as everything else we know so far.

Following a chapter full of exciting events that left fans speechless, Yoo Hobin came back once more. This show’s main character came back just when it looked like there was no hope and Hobin would never come back.

At this point, the story seems to be coming to an end since Lee Jinho’s rule is over. Read Hobin’s words in How to Fight Volume 217 to see how Lee Jinho met his end!

We start How to Fight Chapter 216 with Bomi watching TV to see how her friends are doing. Suddenly, she sees something that makes her heart miss a beat.

How to Fight Chapter 218 Release Date:

The date for the release of How to Fight Volume 218 is likely to be January 27, 2024. Fans have to wait until the official release.

How to Fight Chapter 218 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a film promo for How to Fight Volume 218.

How to Fight Chapter 218 Storyline:

Even though this story was going around like wildfire, Bomi and all of Yoo Hobin’s friends were sure that Hobin was still living somewhere out there.

Now the story is set in the port, where all the boats are beginning to come back. Yoo Hobin’s group is waiting on the beach for their friends to arrive. Jihyeok and Taehoon are the only ones who come back, and both of them look pretty hurt.

As the Marines on the port began to talk about the Yoo Hobin reports, Gaeul asked Jihyeok to explain what happened to him. Gaeul talks about things that Jihyeok hasn’t heard, so he doesn’t know what she means. He just told her that Hobin would come back with Team 2. Gyeol goes up to Jihyeok to tell him the bad news.

Jihyeok hears from Gyeol that Hobin’s boat blew up. He swiftly turns to Gaeul to inquire with her if what Gyeol said is true. Jihyeok’s eyes got really big when he heard it. Gaeul doesn’t say anything; shortly afterward, Team 2 comes back to the port. Everyone, including Jihyeok and Gaeul, runs to the starship to see if Hobin is back.

The Marine from Team 2 says to Jihyeok that everyone on the ship has disappeared and hasn’t been found yet, no matter how hard they’ve looked. Jihyeok starts to cry, and he bows to the police officer to ask him to look for Yoo Hobin. He knows in his heart that Hobin is still living and will come back.

A long time has passed since then, but Choi Bomi still remembers how Hobin transformed everything. She says that the majority of the bad people have gotten what they earned, which has caused chaos in the world. The public also learned everything about Lee Jinho, which resulted in a lot of important people being arrested.

Bomi is going down the street when she sees a guy dressed as a teddy bear. She thinks it’s Hobin at first, but it turns out to be someone else. When the man in the teddy bear suit asks Bomi if she has a lover, she tells him she’s married and won’t answer. She still recognizes that Hobin hasn’t come back yet, and she really thinks he will one day.

Bomi brings Hobin’s mom some food when she gets to Hobin’s house. Bomi’s mother tells her that she shouldn’t have to do a lot for her, but Bomi says that all she wants is for her to be healthy so that she can be there to greet her son when he comes back. Bomi goes to meet her friends after having lunch with Hobin’s mother and having a deep talk with her.

She is shocked to see Jihyeok, Gaeul, and the others happily arranging the tree for Christmas as if little had happened. When Bomi sees everyone like this, it breaks her heart, so she leaves quietly. Jihyeok sees Bomi going and stops her. He asks her if she’s upset because everyone else is acting like nothing is wrong.

He tells Bomi they haven’t forgotten about Hobin, but they can’t just wait for him, like he’ll come back soon. Then he tells Bomi that they must have Christmas together the next day. It starts to rain quickly, and everyone runs to get an umbrella.

Gaeul wants to give Bomi a cover, but Jihyeok ends up with her because he knows Bomi is crying. As Bomi began to cry as she thought about Hobin, Hobin himself suddenly covered her head.

When Hobin comes back, everyone is happy, but as they ask them what happened, they quickly become serious. Hobin also says he has no idea what happened.

Joshua had been waiting outdoors in a car, and Hobin also talked to him. He told him to hit the building with the car. He wanted to break down the enemy’s defenses. Joshua agreed with the thought right away. He then went to the building.

One linked event was that Jinho and Heasoo were able to escape being caught. They went to the airport because they were going to Korea. Their goals were to obtain the illegal drugs and meet with Jinho’s boss.

Jinho made fun of Hobin for being stupid and cocky for no reason. He also told them about his wicked scheme to set off an explosive device he had hidden in the building. In this way, he showed how much he hated all living things.

Where To Watch How to Fight Chapter 218?

How to Fight 218: How to Fight A lot of services let you read Manhwa. Some of them are webtoons and places for reading manhwa. On these sites, you can find a lot of different manhwa. They are open to everyone for free. The story can also be found on the main Manhwa sites.

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