How to Improve Sales and Heighten Customer Experiences with AI-Powered Ecommerce Features in BigCommerce

Our society has witnessed a few groundbreaking changes, which have modified the way our world operates, especially the commercial environment. No more than a few years ago, shopping was typically done in common brick-and-mortar shops, while online shopping was presented in a rather limited number of shops.

The commercial world of today is totally different. Every customer gets access to numerous shops, with a super-fast purchasing experience and delivery. The development of online shops gave rise to various E-commerce solutions, like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. Such universal solutions enable businesses to have immediate control while customers get an improved user experience.

While E-commerce solutions seemed to have reached perfection, another dramatic change turned the world upside-down — Artificial Intelligence, providing extra benefits for all the spheres implementing it.

If we combine a universal E-commerce solution like BigCommerce with the intellectual abilities of the machines, what will we have as a result? Let’s look at the BigCommerce experiment and learn the benefits we, as their clients, can experience.

What Is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a real game-changer for every store targeting the online environment. It is one of the fast-growing E-commerce solutions that offers a set of tools to streamline all the processes regarding online store management. It helps to control the activities of all the points of presence, including the ones on social media.

BigCommerce is an excellent choice for the owners of small businesses, as well as those who target long-term market development and expansion. There are options for those who are on a rather limited budget, as they can choose from the pre-installed templates, and there are also customizable subscription plans, which allow the owners to change the E-commerce web design and development.

How Is AI Used in E-commerce?

Artificial intelligence is still to be monitored, as there are numerous concerns regarding its functioning. However, one thing is known for sure: it has come to stay, and its influence on E-commerce development is hard to overestimate. AI leverages E-commerce functioning by tailoring the content for different audiences and giving valuable insights into statistics of store performance.

What Are the Benefits of AI Implementation in E-commerce?

Improved marketing

Everyone is aware that a robust marketing strategy is the foundation of online presence and visibility. Every marketing department aims to create as much personalized user experience as possible in order to attract customers into the sales funnel. However, despite all sophisticated techniques, a lot of the ads are blocked and ignored.

The implementation of AI takes marketing to a new level, creating a one-person – one-solution approach. AI analyzes the customer’s intentions and interactions, typical purchases, and recently viewed goods and comes up with strictly personalized offers and messages that resonate with the customer’s needs.

Customer retention

A personalized approach is a true asset for every E-commerce store. When the customers understand that this shop ‘can read their mind’, they will definitely be back again, increasing the profitability of the business.

While other E-commerce solutions are still building their infrastructure to implement AI solutions, BigCommerce is already there, reaping all the benefits of it, offering its clients all the benefits of BigCommerce website development.


AI helps to accomplish some standard features that are normally performed by humans — email scheduling in CRM, automatic newsletters, product recommendations, discounts, chatbots, low-level support, etc.


The business development is built entirely on statistics and analytics, as it helps to define the direction of the further movement, understand what the target audience wants, track customer trends, improve the shopper’s experience, settle the personalized storefront, etc. When being given insights of such kind, the business will provide required changes straightforwardly.

Price optimization

Price formation is one of the essential strategies for business development. It is important to elaborate on a workable approach to keep the business growing and extending, yet not to scare off the clients.

AI-enabled pricing strategy will help to regulate the cost of the goods and services depending on the supply and demand. AI will help to predict the size of the discounts and the right timing for them. It will help to maintain the financial stability of the company and keep the customers attracted by the personalized discounts.

The Bottom Line

E-commerce solutions, like BigCommerce and AI, are revolutionary tools that have changed the functionality of the commercial world. Business owners benefit from the streamlined functionality of the shops and the ability to monitor the activities of all the shops. Customers are attracted by an improved user experience, personalized offers, and discounts.

If you want to deliver the best shopping experience for your customers while keeping tabs on all the activities, don’t hesitate to adopt E-commerce solutions like BigCommerce, powered by AI features.

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