Hugh Jackman has valuable advice for Ryan Reynolds

The long-distance feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds shows no signs of ending, and this time the former Wolverine interpreter has found a way to give valuable advice to his “rival” in view of Deadpool 3.

The interpreter of the famous mutant has indeed met a New York City police officer who has no shadow of a doubt about what the third chapter dedicated to the saga of the Mercenary Chatty can absolutely not do without.

“Hey, Ryan, you gotta bring this guy to Deadpool 3”, says agent Dobkowski in the video posted on social media by Hugh Jackman that you find at the bottom of the news. “Even if it were only for a 10 minute cameo, that would be great. That movie would be great, great.”.

The video ends with the officer joking that if Hugh Jackman doesn’t get the part he deserves in Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds would definitely be fined. In short, it seems that the husband of Blake Lively has no other choice.

Meanwhile, Marvel Studios have confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be Rated-R. In your opinion what could be the role played by Hugh Jackman? Will we see him again as Wolverine or will he play a new hero? Of course, tell us yours in the comments section.

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