I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

A well-liked manga series, I Shall Master the Family depicts the lives of the Lombardi family, who were once the undisputed rulers of the kingdom.

Florentina, the daughter of a Lombardi & a peasant whose wicked and useless relatives had ruined her, is one of the many negative outcomes that the family experiences shortly after the father’s death.

She makes a solemn promise to herself after her rebirth: to save her father from death, earn her grandfather’s affection, and restore respect to her family. Plus, visiting this enormous home is her sole option for achieving all of her objectives.

This life is within my control. As Racine makes her desire known in Chapter 64, Herna finds herself in a precarious position. Racine had been playing the part of an unapproachable princess the whole time, which took Herna unaware. Herna became very preoccupied with the proposal she made at that time.

Someone like Herna, who has experienced regression, knows exactly what’s going to happen next. Despite the betrayal she endured, the characters in that timeline offered her a priceless opportunity to go to another time. She accepted the offer and vowed to devote her fresh start to establishing herself as the family’s matriarch.

I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Release Date:

The release timetable for I Shall Master the Family is all over the place. In terms of when chapters are released, they do not adhere to any particular pattern. Chapter 67 of I Shall Master the Family is due for publication in around a week’s time, based on their past timetables.

I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Trailer Release:

There is currently no trailer for Chapter 67 of I Shall Master the Family available.

I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Storyline:

This life is within my control. Herna had her most fulfilling experience since her relapse at the beginning of chapter 63. Now that Leonard has challenged her to a fight, she may attack him with as much force as she wants. Realizing how frail he was, the rewarding aspect was that she could knock him unconscious with a single strike.

In class, Herna attempted to rein in her laughing so as not to disrupt the ambiance, but the recollection kept popping back into her thoughts.

The departure time for her two-day journey was drawing close, so she had to bury that recollection. Herna had to cope with a buddy who became very excited about her fight with Leonard before it could happen.

Afterwards, Herna and Racine visited the Highness, where they engaged in a brief discussion over their previous activities. According to the princess, she hid her whereabouts from her family and friends when she walked away from home.

As Well As how she had also caused her knight problems. She chose to taunt Racine with the same thing, but instead received an unexpected response.

This life is within my control. The worry that Herna was experiencing at the end of Chapter 63 will carry over into Chapter 64. Due of her rarity in this universe, Herna had confided in the red-haired princess. Who she has faith in and who she can’t trust is crystal clear to her.

It is worth noting that the princess had also stayed at Herna’s side throughout, without expecting anything in return. Well, she is a member of the royal family and hence has few desires.

However, she finds great joy in seeking out drama and juicy news, which she uses as a source of pleasure. So it seems to reason that she will make Herna’s life more difficult by asking her questions that are neither too easy nor too tough.

Estria returns from her school and visits Florentina’s father Gallahan against the family doctor’s orders to the contrary. The doctor went so far as to tell Florentina’s grandpa that the king cannot be cured by a child, explaining that it is illogical to expect a child like Florentina to be able to save the king when he has previously failed. Florentina’s grandpa maintains his faith in Estria, praises her achievements to the doctor, and is unwavering in her belief in her.

While the family physician maintains his own ideas, Florentina asserts her right to see her father and wants to be seen. His actions stem from his insecurities and worries about his job security.

Estria would give Gallahan the Tleburgh medication once she had Florentina’s grandfather’s OK. The medicine’s efficacy has everyone both startled and laughing. The family doctor may lose his job as a result, as he was unable to treat the patient.

Belsach repeatedly interrupted the subsequent prince and Florentina’s enjoyment of each other’s company in the chapter before, insisting that the prince was just there to see his ailing uncle.

It was an order from Belsach’s grandpa, Florentina thought, to maintain his distance from her, and everyone had labeled him a “low-life” because of this.

While Belsach was questioning her about the veracity of his statements which included sexually suggestive remarks about her she reassured him of her power in the event that he wanders off the path.

However, Belsach fled in terror when Florentina insisted the second prince try his words. While Estira goes back to her school to help her sick uncle, Florentina is worried over the letter she wrote to the academy.

Where To Watch I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67?

The original tale was written by Roah Kim (Twitter), and the story & art were made by Mon (Ant Studio) (Twitter). Sites like manga4reader and others host this manga.

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