I Used To Be a Boss Chapter 29 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

I Used To Be a Boss Chapter 29 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Get lost in the captivating world of “I Used to Be a Boss,” a Korean manga story that has captured the hearts of webtoon fans everywhere. An enthusiastic fanbase has grown since the November 23, 2022, publication of the first volume of this Manhwa series.

Accompany intriguing characters such as Baphomet, the mysterious Tower of Abyss monster, & the dogged hunter Billy on their epic adventure.

This narrative will captivate you with its blend of fantasy, adventure, and action. In this exceptional Manhwa series, you will find a plethora of secrets and mysteries that will captivate you.

Two characters whose careers were once at the height of their powers are the subjects of the continuing manga series I Used to Be a Boss.

With a spoiler alert, publication date, raw scan, & countdown, this site will cover every detail of Chapter 28 of I Used to Be a Boss. If you are seeking the most recent details about the 28th chapter of I Used to Be a Boss, you have found the perfect spot.

I Used To Be a Boss Chapter 29 Release Date:

The story has gained a lot of fans and keeps drawing in new ones, so every new chapter is eagerly awaited. The next exciting volume of this beloved manga series is sure to continue the fascinating storyline, so be sure to keep watching for it.

I Used To Be a Boss Chapter 29 Trailer Release:

Chapter 29 of I Used to Be a Boss does not yet have a trailer video.

I Used To Be a Boss Chapter 29 Storyline:

Fans of the popular manga series “I Used to Be a Boss” are eagerly anticipating the publication of chapter 28. Despite the lack of confirmed spoilers, fans have started making speculations about what may happen next.

For the convenience of the reader, the previous chapter described Baphomet’s (chief of the Tower of the Abyss) transition into a human creature.

As a result of this change, Baphomet may finally relax and take pleasure in the independence that comes with exploring the wider world for entertainment.

What Baphomet will do next or how he will interact with the hunters out to kill him is unclear. Nevertheless, they want to murder him. Fans are speculating that the next chapter may have further excitement and danger than the last one, as Baphomet navigates the human world.

There have been no verified spoilers, so fans of “I Used to Be a Boss” will have to wait for chapter 28 to be released before they find out exactly what happens next.

In the manhwa “I Used to Be a Boss,” readers are whisked away on a thrilling journey through a realm where evildoers, hunters, and hidden truths converge.

Baphomet, the dreadful monster of the Towers of Abyss, gets sick of waging the same old fights and is the protagonist of the story. As he learns more about humans from the trophies he finds on dead hunters, his interest is piqued.

The appearance of a powerful hunter before Baphomet piques his curiosity in humans, as fate would have it. The fascinating plot revolves on Baphomet’s dogged determination to transform into a human. But there are obstacles, dangers, and surprising revelations along his path.
As the novel progresses, it delves into the murky waters of morality & the nebulous boundaries between right and wrong.

Unexpected miracles start happening as the enigmatic cult leader emerges. The sect leader is suspicious of Baphomet at first, but Hunter devises a plan to trick him into believing that Billy, his long-lost son, is indeed Baphomet. Their encounter with the cult head reveals Billy’s curse, which sparks a discussion that abruptly ends the chapter.

The narrative of “I Used to Be a Boss” is captivating and well-crafted, with each chapter delivering an exciting mix of fantasy, adventure, and action. As the manga continues, readers may hope for more revelations, shocks, and compelling character growth.

Where To Watch I Used To Be a Boss Chapter 29?

An official and approved portal, Naver’s Webtoon, is where fans eager to immerse themselves in the captivating world of “I used to be a boss” Manhwa may read it.

The English translation of the manga is available on the famous webcomic site Naver, where fans all around the globe may enjoy reading it.

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