“I wanted to contribute to the success of the film”

In a few months it will arrive in cinemas Fast and Furious 9, yet another chapter of the beloved franchise based on illegal car racing and which sees Vin Diesel among its protagonists. Here we will have to review too Sean Boswell, the character played by Lucas Black.

Just the actor in the past few hours has intervened on the matter, revealing the reasons that led him to take part in Fast and Furious 9: “There was always talk of bringing my character back to life. When they called me for 7, I wanted to understand how things were going to turn out. It was a small role, it was just connecting the dots with Han, which I think was good. and what I was willing to do “.

Over the course of EW Black’s Binge podcast he added: I am curious to know how things will go for Sean Boswell, and I certainly don’t want to get stuck with this character. I think the producers, the writers and the studio realized that the fans really wanted to see Fast’s family and everyone involved, the characters, the heroes, united in the same movie. I was thrilled when they contacted me for F9, I signed the contract straight away. I wanted to make my contribution to the success of the film. We’ll see how things turn out. “

Sean Boswell’s character was introduced in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift as an American expat living in Japan. In the film, the troublemaker with mechanic skills befriended Twinkie, Neela, and Han Seoul-Oh, the latter of whom became his mentor. Sean then made a brief appearance in Fast and Furious 7 to compete with Dominic Toretto. In the last chapter of the saga, we will review among others also Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron e Jordana Brewster.

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