Infinite Level Up In Murim Chapter 167 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Infinite Level Up In Murim Chapter 167 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The well of darkness was eventually reached by Cho Rhohye and Yuseong in the previous section. In Murim Part 167 of Infinite Level Up, readers are eager to learn how Yuseong plans to locate the noble arts.

Cho Rhohye expressed her perplexion to Yuseong about his unwavering certainty that the cave held something. Despite having lived there for a period of seventeen years, she was completely unaware that such a facility existed. Despite their long-ago migration from the northern sea, no one in her family had ever heard of it.

A webcomic called “Infinite Level Up in Murim” delves into the depths of darkness, with Cho Rhohye and Yuseong as its core. Many readers are looking forward to Chapter 167 because they want to see how Yuseong will solve the puzzles of the great arts.

In “Infinite Level Up in Murim” chapter 167, Cho Rhohye and Yuseong continue their exciting journey by exploring a strange cave in quest of valuable riches. Even though Cho Rhohye has lived in the area for years and has no idea these riches exist, Yuseong’s unfaltering faith in their existence baffles her.

As they go farther into the cave, reader may anticipate discovering its secrets, such as how Yuseong’s unwavering resolve will guide them to the enigmatic skills concealed there.

By October 7, 2023, fans will be able to read the chapter that continues the tale and gives them the opportunity to explore the cave with the protagonists as they uncover its mysteries.

Infinite Level Up In Murim Chapter 167 Release Date:

On Saturday, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST, Infinite Level Up in Murim Chapter 167 will be published. Here is the international schedule:

Infinite Level Up In Murim Chapter 167 Trailer Release:

You may find a trailer for Infinite Level Up in Chapter 167 of Murim, yes.

Infinite Level Up In Murim Chapter 167 Storyline:

Tang Yoo Sung plays the lead role in this tale of a man whose humble beginnings and relentless labor throughout his life lead him to a point when his body would be useless.

Tang Yoo Sung, the protagonist, lived as a third-rate unmanned man in the vanguard of the Murim League for ten years, worked hard, and accumulated ten years of endurance before dying.

Upon awakening from his afterlife, he discovered that he had been sent back in time thirty years. As he gains a better understanding of the game’s mechanics, our hero is ecstatic to see that his efforts will eventually pay off.

It’s the world’s most direct skill, although even the most direct individual may blossom under the system’s influence! Killing the angels was the main character’s ultimate objective.

Nevertheless, he deduced that the wealth had to be located below ground since it wasn’t visible from above. Since the pond was the sole location that had sustained damage, Yuseong deduced that Murong Baekru could have drowned there.

But he didn’t think about how far it may have fallen; instead, he decided that a prominent spot would be perfect for hiding the wealth.

To this day, Yuseong still doesn’t know how Murong Baekru found out about it. It was Cho Rhohye who informed Yuseong that she had found the spot, not he.

Yuseong had no option but to agree because they were able to dig more easily. The ocean was really frozen by Cho Rhohye. To ensure that she did not take all the credit, Yuseong made it clear that he had informed her about it.

Cho Rhohye, the head of the section, told him. Along with him, she suggested they divide up the spoils evenly. Yuseong saw this as a fair trade since Cho Rhohye needed resources to revive her eagle spear sect as well.

Due to their lack of other senses, Yuseong had to depend on his hearing, as he discovered at the bottom. As the sun dipped below the horizon, she saw that Cho Rhohye had ceased arguing & was clinging to him.

The narrative of Yuseong and Cho Rhohye continues in Part 166 of “Infinite Level Up in Murim,” as they go farther into the strange cave. As they continue their descent, they are enveloped in total darkness. The ability to see in complete darkness is vital in this environment, and Yuseong’s advanced third eye makes it possible.

But the darkness terrifies Cho Rhohye, and she clings to Yuseong because of the misguided belief that what he is doing is wrong. They find out that it’s really Zhuzhu, their friend, strolling by her side, which surprises them.

As they make their way through the shadows, Yuseong’s powers come in handy, just as Cho Rhohye is about to have a near-fall into a deep pool.

Readers can’t wait for the following chapter to find out what happens in the enigmatic cave as their quest takes surprising twists. Yuseong couldn’t help but wonder how Murong Baekru had stumbled onto that location. Cho Rhohye wanted Yuseong to know this she was the person who discovered that spot, so she told him that.

Because people could dig more readily, Yuseong could not dispute. Cho Rhohye did, in fact, freeze the water. Yuseong reminded her of how he had informed her about it, but he was still hesitant about offering her full credit.

According to Cho Rhohye, she was the head of her section. She proposed that they divide the loot between themselves. Since Cho Rhohye also need something to restore her eagle spear sect, Yuseong thought it was a decent bargain.

Where To Watch Infinite Level Up In Murim Chapter 167?

You may find the English translation of Chapter 167 of Infinite Level Up in Murim on Webtoon. Raw Chapter 167 is available on Naver Webtoon for readers.

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