It Was Always Me Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

It Was Always Me Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Life is filled with unpredictability, and certain moments occur by chance. Thus, Lupe’s life was profoundly altered, and everything changed. We live with the expectation that everything will be in our favor. We never truly believe that circumstances are beyond our control.

Typically, when something goes wrong, it occurs all at once. As Lupe led a carefree existence, she had not foreseen the unexpected demise of her father becoming the information she received. In what way can Lupe come to terms with the untimely death of her father?

How did this occur? She feels uneasy, as though something is amiss. Upon closer inspection, there is more than meets the eye. She endeavors to ascertain the genuine story behind the passing of her father.

Since its second season debuted, numerous individuals have been anticipating the release date of It Was Always Me, the third season. Alejandro Stoessel and Iván Stoessel produced the Colombian mystery-drama series It Was Always Me (also known as Siempre fui yo). The second season of the show premiered on January 17, 2024, captivating viewers with its unique plot.

The mystery drama It Was Always Me is a Colombian program available on streaming services. The series made its Disney+ debut in Spain as well as Latin America on June 15, 2022.

Initially, Tini Stoessel as well as Sebastian Yatra occupied the lead roles in the production. However, following the dissolution of their relationship, Karol Sevilla as well as Pipe Bueno were cast in those roles, and the plot of the show was significantly revised.

The show’s production commenced in March 2021 in Cartagena as well as Bogotá and concluded on the Peninsula de Bar in May of that year.

It Was Always Me Season 3 Release Date:

Season one of It Was Always Me is scheduled to premiere on June 15, 2022. Season two is scheduled to premiere on January 17, 2024. Season three specifics are currently unknown.

It Was Always Me Season 3 Trailer Release:

Indeed, a trailer video for Season 3 of It Was Always Me is available.

It Was Always Me Season 3 Cast:

  • Karol Sevilla as María Guadalupe “Lupe” del Mar Díaz Mint
  • Pipe Bueno as Noah Cortez
  • Christian Tappan as Silvestre “El Faraón” Díaz
  • José Julián Gaviria as Felipe “Pipe” Díaz
  • Simón Savi as Charly Fabián
  • Antonio Sanint as Lucas Martin
  • Adriana Romero as Wendy Núñez
  • Juliana Velásquez as Angie Rueda
  • Dubán Prado as Samuel “Sammy” García Herrera
  • Alejandro Gutiérrez as Kevin Cepeda
  • Katherine Escobar as Mercedes Cepeda
  • Eliana Raventós as Lucía Ibarra
  • Marisol Correa as Cecilia Mint
  • Felipe Botero as Ariel Rozo
  • Esther Sanz as Sofía
  • Melanie Dell´olmo as Zoe
  • Juan David Penagos as Fran
  • Eduardo Pérez as Benjamín

It Was Always Me Season 3 Storyline:

Season one of It Was Always Me commences with Lupe, a Mexican girl of 22 years of age. She is compelled to depart from her secluded existence in Mexico upon becoming aware of her father’s demise. She arrives in Colombia, where she encounters Noah, the assistant to her father. Noah and Lupe embark on an adventure to locate the culprit.

Lupe and Noah hold the belief that all individuals are suspects in the death of their father. The circumstances progressively become more complex for them. Lupe and Noah ultimately discover the ideal song for the competition.

They continue to receive threats, prompting Lupe to conduct an investigation. In the interim, Noah suffers a loss that has the potential to strain his bond with Lupe.

Pappy’s vocal instability during the semi-final jeopardizes the integrity of his performance. Lupe and Noah approach a shared understanding of the truth, but a particular aspect of Noah alienates Lupe. Circumstances unite them, and the enigma surrounding El Faraon is revealed.

Season two of It Was Always Me will commence following a three-year hiatus. On Pipe’s Island, the participants of the television shows reunite to produce an album. The lives of everyone have changed. Pipe is currently a well-known Columbia rock star. Lupe commenced employment as a journalist.

Noah commences operations at the family restaurant that he has inherited. The reunion album facilitated their reunification. The disappearance of Lupe’s priceless necklace interferes with the reunion.

Regarding the plot of the second series of It Was Always Me, no information has been released as of yet. Nevertheless, it will without a doubt continue precisely where the initial season left off.

When Lupe, a journalism student residing in Mexico, learns of the demise of her father, “El Faraón,” her life is profoundly disrupted. In Colombia, where he was born and raised, he has solidified his artistic legacy.

In order to attend the funeral of her father in Cartagena, Colombia, Lupe departs from her residence in Mexico. During her sojourn in Colombia, she befriends an enigmatic youth named Noah, who transpires to be the assistant of her deceased father.

Lupe opts to remain, as her suspicions that her father’s demise was not coincidental increase. She competes in a singing competition in an effort to uncover the truth regarding her father’s murder and locate members of his entourage.

Given the consequence of Lupe performing in the presence of an audience, she is going to be required to surmount her most profound phobia.

Together, she and Noah embark on a romantic and perilous musical adventure replete with mystery and intrigue. Nevertheless, Lupe lacks confidence in anyone, not even Noah, and she still has a considerable distance to travel before she discovers the truth regarding the Colombian Caribbean region’s epicenter.

The news that Lupe’s father, “El Faraón” (also known as “The Pharaoh”), has passed away abruptly changes her life in Mexico. In Colombia, his birthplace, he was regarded as a musical legend.

Consequently, Lupe makes the decision to depart from her country of origin, Mexico, in order to participate in the funeral rites for her father in Cartagena, Colombia. Upon getting settled in Colombia, Lupe encounters Noah, an enigmatic young man who reveals himself to have been the assistant of her late father.

Lupe makes the decision to remain when she develops suspicions that the demise of her father was not coincidental. She participates in a music competition in order to uncover more information as well as clues regarding the mysterious demise of her father by examining his entourage. Lupe must therefore confront her greatest phobia: singing in public.

Lupe embarks on a romantic, perilous, mysterious, and musical adventure with Noah. However, Lupe is incapable of placing her trust in anyone, not even Noah. Following an arduous journey filled with numerous detours, she uncovers the truth concealed in the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Where To Watch It Was Always Me Season 3?

The first season of the Spanish program premiered on Disney+ around June 15, 2022. The second season premiered on January 17, 2024. Each episode lasts approximately forty minutes. Due to the program’s Spanish-language content, English subtitles are necessary for viewing.

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