Justice League, revealed the length of the film by Zack Snyder: will it really last 4 hours?

Zack Snyder promised that his director's cut version of Justice League it would have lasted four hours, but no official and definitive runtime had yet been leaked.

But now a press release for the debut of the Justice League by Zack Snyder in the Latin American market reveals that the film will last 4 hours, 1 minute and 28 seconds. This minute probably includes an interlude, which the director had promised for the screenings of the film on the big screen, and of course the credits.

We remember that initially between Snyder and HBO Max there was little clarity regarding the distribution of the film, with the director expressing a desire to mount the work as a film in its own right, while the streaming on demand service had begun to advertise it as a mini-series of four episodes. It is not yet clear whether it will be possible to play the film with this option on the platform, but it is not a question that will affect the Italian market: in fact, we Justice League it will be distributed on all major digital purchase and rental platforms simultaneously with its US release.

The release is scheduled for next March 18th.

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