Justice League, Zack Snyder reveals his favorite Batman costume: from comic to movie!

During the celebratory event known as Justice Con, the director Zack Snyder revealed which of the many costumes of Batman is his favorite, between movies and comics.

The director participated in a panel during the event and the attention turned to the Dark Knight: during his management of the DC Extended Universe, now known as Snyder-Verse, il Batman di Ben Affleck has changed clothes more than once, before Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and then also in the next Justice League. But the costume that the director loves most appears in the cinecomic of 2016, inspired by a classic of comic literature.

My favorite Batman costume is Dark Knight Returns. For me it’s basically Frank Miller’s costume … if I were to make that movie, I’d do it exactly that way. I am a real fan of that costume, the other day I saw a guy, a cosplayer, who plays that costume very well, he appeared on my feed and I went crazy!“said the director.”Unfortunately I have forgotten his name.

The director also talked about the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse movement born after the release of Justice League, whose black and white version is available in Italy. “I’m just saying this: I think it’s a concept that shows a kind of reverence for hard work“, has explained.

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