Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Kagurabachi, written and drawn by Takeru Hokazono, is one of Japan’s most popular manga series. The manga follows protagonist Chihiro Rokuhira as he sets out on a quest for vengeance after witnessing the murder of his father.

He’s the son of a renowned and powerful blacksmith, and he’s planning to use his magic sword to take down a coven of witch doctors.

His late father bestowed magical powers onto the blade.If you’ve been keeping up with this vengeance manga, you’re probably wondering when you can get your hands on Kagurabachi Chapter 9.

Kagurabachi Chapter 9’s publication date, timings, reading locations, and spoilers will all be discussed in this blog post. Kagurabachi is the most recent offering from Shonen Jump, and it has gained a respectable following among the publication’s readers.

A gripping vengeance story set in the action & fantasy genres, it was only published until the end of September 2023. Our plot right now is centered on Chihiro and the Sorcery & Enchanted Blade arc. Young Kunishige has spent his life learning the art of swordmaking from his illustrious father.

The wicked Hishaku sorcerers come one day, slaughter Kunishige, and take his magical swords, abandoning Chihiro to wallow in despair.

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Release Date:

On Sunday, November 12 at about 3 p.m. (GMT), 8 a.m. (PT), & 11 a.m. (ET), Chapter 9 of Kagurabachi will be made available. Of course, it relies on the upload speed of these chapters. However, this should occur quite close to the official release date.

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Trailer Release:

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 does have an official promo video.

Kagurabachi Chapter 9 Storyline:

First, in “Norisaku Madoka: I Will Change,” Azami reassures Chihiro about their strategy and tells him to watch out for himself and Char. Simultaneously, Shiba guessed that Sojo’s subordinates may not show up if Kamunabi helped them out. He advised that people stay out of the spotlight for the moment being.

Furthermore, the chapter exposed the identity of the Daruma-sorcerer as Norisaku Madoka. When his family shunned him for his ties to Sojo, his sad past was exposed. But after listening to Shiba’s advice, he made a commitment to change his ways.

So the sorcerer tried to make amends with his sister, asking for her forgiveness. After Madoka told his sister that he had been unable to get in touch with their mom via phone, she suggested that they get together the next day. When he arrived at the agreed upon spot, however, he found her lying there, savagely stabbed.

He was attacked from behind by Sojo’s sword before he could even respond. When Madoka’s family didn’t comply with the mafia boss’s demands, he had them all killed. Sojo eliminated another sorcerer after killing the Daruma one and learning more about Chihiro’s location from him.

Sojo then sneaked into Chihiro’s hiding place in Chapter 8 and dove headfirst into the action. He brandished his sword and set his sights squarely on Hinao.

However, Chihiro’s fast reflexes foiled the assault in the nick of a period of time sparing her from damage. The mob leader declared his intent to battle the owner of the magical weapon.

A villain with a cold heart, Sojo wants to live forever by swallowing Char, a character with the special ability to recover quickly. It has been theorized that if one were to eat her, they would have access to her exceptional abilities. Sojo’s ruthlessness has no bounds, and he will kill everyone who gets in his way.

Chihiro is intent on defeating Sojo for a number of reasons. However, as Akami had already warned, Sojo is not to be underestimated. He’s been on the run from the authorities for a decade, making him a tough opponent for Chihiro.

Right now, “Kagurabachi” is doing rather well, ranking third on Manga Plus. Despite its popularity, it has not yet surpassed “One Piece,” the all-time leader in manga viewership. The excitement around “Kagurabachi” is evidence of the novel’s widespread appeal and ability to attract readers.

In the meanwhile, we get a flashback of an earlier encounter between Shiba & the Daruma sorcerer, Norisaku Madoka. Shiba manages to persuade Madoka to alter his ways despite the fact that he had a bad day with his family.

since of this, he decides to give his sister a call, and then he finds out that Sojo slaughtered the rest of his family since he failed to accomplish his purpose.

Madoka is killed in a vehicle bombing before he can exact his revenge. Sojo travels to where Chihiro, Hinao, & Char are hiding out after killing Madoka and another person.

He fights fiercely with Chihiro, eventually exposing Cloud Gouger. The chapter ends with Chihiro prepared to protect his comrades despite Azami’s warning reverberating in his head.

Sojo attended a black market auction in the prior Kagurabachi episode. After a tough fight against two foes, Chihiro made it to the auction as well. The last chapter had some moving slice-of-life moments. Sojo obtains a blade that belonged to Chihiro’s late father. The two skilled swordsmen engage in combat.

Sojo now controls the cloud gouger. Chihiro’s greatest chance to reclaim his father’s cherished property is in this battle. Sojo plans to have Char for lunch.

This will provide him her healing abilities and effectively make him immortal. One word to describe him: ruthless. He is not in the mood to show any mercy to anybody stands in his path.

Daruma finally gave up the wizardry and began a new chapter in his life in another section. Shiba was Daruma’s torchbearer during this ordeal. In the next chapter, Sojo and Chihiro will have a showdown. Chihiro will use the sword Enten in her battle against Sojo.

Where To Watch Kagurabachi Chapter 9?

The ninth chapter of Kagurabachi is available on the Viz Media website. You can also watch the whole series on Manga Plus. The title to English language publishing are held by both services. Any kind of service is acceptable. If you want to read more than the free chapters on Viz, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid edition.

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