Karmma Calling (26 January 2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Karmma Calling (26 January 2024) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Following her breakout role in Netflix’s drama series Aranyak, Raveena Tandon is making a triumphant comeback to the digital realm. Her next part is as the ultra-glamorous Alibaug society figure Indrani Kothari on the Disney Plus Hotstar serial Karmma Calling.

The book The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844, served as inspiration for the American television series Revenge, which in turn inspired this series.

Karmma Calling (26 January 2024) Release Date:

The trailer for the upcoming January 26, 2024, premiere of “Karmma Calling” starring Raveena Tandon is out now. The trailer for the new series Karmma Calling, which will feature Raveena Tandon as the main character, was launched by Disney+ Hotstar. On January 26, 2024, the online series will make its debut.

Karmma Calling (26 January 2024) Trailer Release:

The Karmma Calling has a trailer that will be accessible on January 26, 2024.

Karmma Calling (26 January 2024) Cast:

  • Raveena Tandon
  • Namrata Sheth
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Varun Sood
  • Waluscha De Sousa
  • Piyush Khati
  • Devangshi Sen
  • Rachit Singh
  • Amy
  • Shataf Figar
  • Viraf Patell
  • Alpana Buch

Karmma Calling (26 January 2024) Storyline:

Karmma Calling delves into several aspects of the affluent’s life and proves to be more than meets the eye. I had a wonderful time working with Disney+ Hotstar, and the role of Indrani allowed me to discover more about my acting abilities.

“I look forward to audience responses,” the 51-year-old actor remarked, adding that the part is completely unique and unlike anything he has ever done before.

According to Narain, the background of “Karmma Calling” is the very wealthy Kothari family and the conspiracies that surround them. A storyline that weaves together vengeance, treachery, and betrayals while simultaneously navigating the trials of the Kothari families gives the series a grandiose, expansive, and gorgeous appearance.

Without a doubt, you will find this series to be an enjoyable “guilty pleasure” and will be eager for more episodes. Raveena Tandon & Disney+ Hotstar have been an amazing team to work with, she said.

Shows including “The Night Manager,” “Taaza Khabar,” “Saas Bahu aur Flamingo,” “Aarya” (third season), and “The Trial” contributed to Disney+ Hotstar’s successful 2023, according to Gaurav Banerjee, Head of Content at Disney Star and HSM Entertainment Network.

“Karma will not let Indrani Kothari rest in her world,” reads the synopsis of the next Hotstar Specials’ Karmma Calling. A planet where the wealthy live lavishly. “The series is the first collaboration between Disney+ Hotstar and the multi-talented Raveena Tandon,” he said.

“The incredibly wealthy Kothari family and everything that goes on in their world serve as the backdrop for ‘Karmma Calling,'” Narain said. The tale of the series, which follows the Kothari family through their trials and tribulations, is woven with themes of vengeance, treachery, and a glossy worldview.

You will undoubtedly find this series to be a guilty pleasure and will be eager for more episodes. It has been a terrific pleasure to work with Raveena Tandon & Disney+ Hotstar.

The rich Kothari family provides the setting for “Karmma Calling,” which explores the complexities of their lifestyle. With its grandiose set pieces and glitzy storyline, the series offers an enthralling look into the lives of the Kothari, who family while weaving themes of treachery, deception, and vengeance. It seems like the kind of luxurious guilty pleasure that would make you want more.

Raveena Tandon & Disney+ Hotstar have been an incredible team to work with. ‘Karmma Calling’ delves into undiscovered aspects of the wealthy and their world an unusual and unique role and features my character, Indrani Kothari, who hasn’t been onscreen for a while but thinks the globe is her stage.

Karmma Calling is an enthralling story and a beautiful depiction of the wealthy society, which R.A.T. Films’ Ashutosh Shah praises. He compliments Raveena Tandon on her outstanding performance and says that the collaboration with Disney+ Hotstar is priceless.

Grandiosity, glitz, and riveting storyline come together in Karmma Calling, according to director Ruchi Narain. She assures us that the series depicting the complex relationships of the Kothari relatives will be an emotional roller coaster in addition to a visual feast.

When asked about playing the part of Indrani Kothari, Raveena Tandon enthusiastically expressed her enthusiasm for playing such a fascinating character. She enjoys the challenge and the opportunity to show the public the complicated and opulent lifestyle of the wealthy that the position provides.

Produced by ABC Signature, the original American serial Revenge is adapted into Karmma Calling. Drama, glitz, and suspense are sure to flood the concert, making it an enthralling spectacle.

Where To Watch Karmma Calling (26 January 2024)?

Disney+ Hotstar will launch Karmma Calling on January 26, 2024.

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