Keanu Reeves, the cult Johnny Mnemonic turns 25 and returns to HD: is it time to re-evaluate it?

Although the general public associates the name of Keanu Reeves with the Matrix saga, the actor before the Wachowski sisters film got the lead role in the cult Johnny Mnemonic, a work that is preparing to celebrate 25 years of age.

For the occasion, the film, remembered as the first film adaptation of William Gibson’s work and today is back in vogue for its similarities with the video game Cyberpunk, which not by chance sees Keanu Reeves among the protagonists, will return in an awaited high definition version. The new edition of the film will be released in the United Kingdom on digital platforms starting from 10 May, and it is therefore likely that a physical edition for home-video will also arrive very soon: at the moment there is no news about an Italian distribution, but as usual we will keep you informed.

Directed by Robert Long and starring Dolph Lundgren, Takeshi Kitano, Ice-T, Udo Kier e Henry Rollins, Johnny Mnemonic it did not achieve the success expected at the time of its original release, albeit over the years Keanu Reeves has always defended him with pride: now that the actor has become a global superstar, probably the most beloved in the world, who knows that the film will not be able to make itself known even more to the general public.

The story of Johnny Mnemonic is set on January 17, 2021 and tells of a company that uses cyberspace as the norm for all business and personal relationships: information has become so important that to protect the most delicate files from cyberspace hackers these they are carried in the heads of ‘mnemonic couriers’. Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is the best of all in his field, but he soon discovers that a raw data file he has agreed to carry is particularly sensitive and will find himself at the center of a manhunt.

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