Kill Bill, Lucy Liu remembers when she was called Dragon Lady: “Offensive”

Recently, Lucy Liu wrote an article published by the Washington Post in which she spoke extensively on the issue of the representation of Asians in cinema and recalled how she is very proud of her character in Charlie’s Angels, but he also recalled an offensive episode after doing Kill Bill for Tarantino.

In his article for the Washington Post, Liu wrote in fact: “As part of something so iconic, the character of Alex Munday normalized Asian identity for the mainstream audience and made it a little more inclusive for Americans“. Continuing the article, Liu also goes back to when she made Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, in which she played the dangerous O-Ren Ishii, complaining about being called Dragon Lady at the time:”In Kill Bill there were three other notable performers who made professional killers besides me, but none called Dragon Lady Uma Thurman, Vivica A. Fox or Daryl Hannah. I can only conclude that it was because they weren’t Asian“.

Liu continued: “I could also have worn a tuxedo and a blonde wig but I would still have been called Dragon Lady because of my origins. If I can’t play some roles because in America I am still considered Other and I don’t want to be chosen only for typical Asian roles to not support their stereotypes I feel like there are metaphorical walls in which we Asian women are confined“.

You can find the article in its entirety in the Washington Post.

We will see Lucy Liu in the cinecomic Shazam soon! Fury of the Gods alongside Zachary Levi. The actress will be one of the villains of the film that will arrive in theaters around the world in April 2022.

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