Kill The Dragon Chapter 88 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Kill The Dragon Chapter 88 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Every part of Kill the Dragon is a thrilling read that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Many people have read Kill the Dragon because of its interesting concept and interesting personalities.

As each new chapter comes out, fans get more and more worried about what will happen. Fans are looking forward to it just as much as Chapter 88.

We can’t wait for Kill the Dragon Part 88, so fans search the web for secrets, raw scans, release dates, countdowns, and places to read it.

This post will talk about Kill the Dragon Part 88’s Reddit details, raw pictures, release date, countdown, and where to read it online. Fans of “Kill the Dragon” can’t wait for Chapter 80 to come out because it will reveal long-hidden truths from the records that were kept for six years.

This piece will talk about when the next chapter will come out, what happened in the last chapter, and what people think will happen in the future of the story. Wait for an exciting trip into the world of “Kill the Dragon”!

The Dragon Ball Super You may recognize the name because this is the follow-up to the well-known Dragon Ball novel that came on shelves on December 3, 1984.

Dragon Ball was once the most famous manga series, and it still is. Dragon Ball Super came out on June 20, 2015. So far, 18 chapters of the comic have been published. The series in question was also written as well as drawn by Akira Tori Yama, who made the original Dragon Ball comics.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 88 Release Date:

Chapter 88 of Kill the Dragon will be available all over the world upon December 14, 2023. Indian fans will be able to read Part 88 at 4:30 p.m. IST, while Korean fans will be able to read it at 8:00 p.m. KST. Like the other manhwas, Kill the Dragon.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 88 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a trailer movie for Kill the Dragon Part 88.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 88 Storyline:

At a later point in the story, Han Lee asks James if the reason he no longer likes Ark is because they hire kids like them. However, he tells him that he shouldn’t put too much faith in Ark since they already accomplished that.

At the same moment, Han Lee gets a message upon her phone from Izzy-2 saying that they have found one grunt that can’t move because of a serious injury. He thinks that it has gotten separated from its group. As they get ready to leave, Han Lee learns that Sile isn’t feeling well.

At this point, he asks Kuro if he could take care of it and tells him to kill it. At this point, they remembered that the goal of the plan was to put Kuro in a real fight. He had to get comfortable killing his servants.

We can see Kuro slowly getting closer to the monster. He tells it that he has to kill it or his friends will die like all the dead people he saw today in Ustou.

Going again with Sile, we can see that he is getting angry and trying to calm down at the same time. Being honest with himself, he asked himself if there was something wrong with the world.

Seeing him such as this, Han Lee also tried to make him feel better. As soon as he comes to, he puts his hand on Han’s shoulder and tells him that everything is fine.

Following several days, the day has finally come for Lee Han to become the leader of Alpha Squad. The Alpha squad’s first job is to get rid of all the minions in the area while trying out crazy frames while working together well.

Han tries to tell everyone what to do with the information that is available, but Mus cuts him off and says that he is enough for the task. Mus goes on to say that they will only require the suits to kill some minions and that they don’t even need to work together.

Amir stops Mus and tells him that their real goal is to test the psycho frames while working together as a team. Mus laughs as well as says he was just kidding, but Amir doesn’t like having to deal with him. Han worries about how well Amir and Mus will work together after seeing them fight.

Sile, on his other hand, has a hard time keeping his cool, but he does in the end. Han Lee tries to make him feel better by telling him over and over that he’s not a loser and that there’s nothing incorrect with him. For some reason, Sile calms down and says that everything is fine.

The players are told to switch places, and Han Lee thanks Kuro for his work. James isn’t sure if these people really are from the Second Generation after seeing this scene.

They are different from the subsequent generations he knows because of how they act and the fact that they don’t get any extra rewards.

Where To Watch Kill The Dragon Chapter 88?

On the Webtoon, you can read Kill the Dragon in Korean. Kill The Dragon has not yet been turned into English, so you have to wait if you’re hoping to read it.

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