Kill The Dragon Chapter 92 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Kill The Dragon Chapter 92 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

“Kill the Dragon” is the most current chapter. The release is anticipated to take place soon. People are eagerly anticipating it. Here you can find all the necessary details to read Kill the Dragon, Volume 92.

The session details contain the following: release date, time zone, spoiler alert, raw scan publication date, raw scan countdown, summary of chapter 216, ratings, where to read, plotlines, and more.

Chapter 80 of “Kill the Dragon” is much anticipated by fans because it will finally reveal mysteries that have been hidden in the records since their discovery six years ago.

In this post, we will explore the next chapter’s publication date, review the events of the previous chapter, talk about any spoilers, and anticipate what the future holds for the series. In such cases, be on the lookout for a thrilling adventure in the “Kill the Dragon” universe!

You may now read Chapter 62 of Kill the Dragon online. Lee Han tried to lure Silence in with the SMO members, then he apologized to her in Chapter 62.

This person, whom Lee Han has mistaken for a guy, is really a woman. Up until this point, Lee Han had been unaware of Silence’s identity.

But silence’s face will be revealed shortly. If the one Lee Han had been fantasizing about turned out to be a woman, he would be taken aback.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 92 Release Date:

The manga Kill the Dragon is published weekly. Chapter 92 of Kill the Dragon is scheduled to be released on Thursday, January 4, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. KST (Korean Standard Time), as per the release schedule.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 92 Trailer Release:

A video trailer for Kill the Dragon Volume 92 is really ready.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 92 Storyline:

Lee Han begins the chapter by pounding on Silence’s door. He apologized to her in her chamber. Silence confronted Lee Han about his actions from the comfort of her own room.

Lee Han informed her that since Knut had previously made significant decisions on Lee Han’s behalf, he felt he couldn’t refuse him. He admitted in silence that he was completely to blame and expressed his utmost regret. His stated goal was to test his ability to capture her; he informed her.

Lee Han also confessed to her that he had some curiosity about her true identity behind the disguise. Quietly, she unlocked the door and warned him against repeating the same mistake.

Despite his hatred of silence, he assumed Lee Han was interested in learning more about his face. However, he had no plans to reveal his identity to her (or “him” in Lee Han’s case, as he identifies as being male). After Lee Han apologized to Silence, he was ready to leave when she drew him into her chamber.

Finally, the military would retaliate against the purists the next day. They learn their headquarters’ location because of the Dragon Bahamut. One of the worried purists divulged their whereabouts in return for protection when Arch Nemesis’s presence was verified. Training between Lee Han and Knut is seen later on.

Afterwards, Lee Han approaches Knuit and asks if he would like to go to a movie. This is because he had begged Silence to lend him a movie the night before.

The events of the night before, when silence drew Lee Han into the chamber, are next shown. He was going to borrow him a movie, and silence wants to know whether he remembers.

Lee Han saw that Silence’s room was adorned with several movie posters when she brought him there to give him the film. After that, silence him and let him watch the movie.

After that, we jump to the current day. The commander contacted Lee Han and requested an emergency operation. “Please, get on your bike,” the major told him.

In their conversation, he made it clear to Lee Han that he would not be answering any questions. Something had to have occurred, Lee Han thought, for a major to ride in on a bike to retrieve a common soldier.

Izzy-2 sends Han Lee a message about an injured soldier that has gotten separated from its squad. On their way to investigate, Han Lee and her colleagues see a member called Sile acting strangely.

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Han Lee expresses his concern and requests that Kuro take action, including the option to end Sile’s suffering if needed. The true purpose of this operation was to train Kuro to eliminate minions in real combat, as it turns out.

Kuro cries out as he approaches the wounded monster, threatening his buddies with the exact same fate as the dead bodies he saw in Ustou if he does not eliminate it.

In contrast, Sile has a hard time keeping his cool and does manage to do so in the end. Han Lee tries to reassure him that he is not alone and that he is not a failure, in an effort to make him feel better. After gathering himself, Sile says he’s OK.

As the squad chooses to switch roles, Han Lee compliments Kuro on his work. James starts to question whether these people are indeed from the Second Generation after seeing this incident.

They are different from the second generation of children he understands because of their conduct and the fact that they don’t need artificial reinforcement.

Where To Watch Kill The Dragon Chapter 92?

Because it is an original Manhua’s work, all of Kill the Dragon’s published chapters with English dialogue are accessible on the platform.

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