Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

It’s hard to believe in fate when a beautiful woman sits in a temple & predicts your destiny. Because males make up the majority of priests, and they are the ones who predict your fate.

But here she is, the girl who predicts your destiny by touching a portion of your body. However, she is limited in what she may say to the tourists: whatever the priests give her permission to say.

You read it correctly. Although having such foresight may appear useful to others, it really works out to our heroine’s detriment. How? Curios, huh? Come, and we’ll fill you in.

But before we tell you the plot that’s been developing since the last chapter, we’ll answer another topic that pops up regularly on the internet.

Noemi Bellon, the protagonist of “Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered,” has the extraordinary capacity to foresee the future, but she is restricted from sharing this information by the priests’ need for secrecy. While we wait for the publication of Chapter 18, let’s take a look back at what’s happened so far.

Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 Release Date:

Now that it’s October, and the last chapter was just published last Sunday, fans may look forward to another season of the manga. Once again, the readers are eager to get their hands on the next installment of this fascinating story.

So, the 2nd Monday of October, 2023, will see the publication of Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18. Like clockwork, it releases fresh sections every Sunday, and like clockwork, it will continue to offer you with great content to read even now.

Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 Trailer Release:

A preview video for Chapter 18 of Kissing with God’s Eyes Covered is indeed available.

Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 Storyline:

Sir Theo’s facial expressions reveal his sulkiness at Noemi Bellon’s relationship with the priest. In order to introduce himself to the people, Sir Theo has asked Noemi Bellon where she is. Noemi Bellon informs him of this discovery.

Water may be found in a cave, as relayed by Noemi Bellon to Sir Theo. According to the priest, there are no caverns in the vicinity. After that, Noemi Bellon informs that the cave will eventually become an oasis. However, someone must give their life as a sacrifice in return for water.

Since Noemi Bellon’s premonitions have never been inaccurate, Sir Theo presses her for further details. Based on Noemi Bellon’s explanation, he recommends that they look for like locations. As they speculate, Noemi Bellon comes up with possible hints.

Noemi Bellon finally decides to inform the guys that they apparently need to make a sacrifice in order to locate it. They are told by Noemi Bellon that she saw the deaths of every local. The priest informs Noemi Bellon & Sir Theo that he is prepared to sacrifice his life if that is what it takes.

Noemi Bellon performs a pivotal role in the temple every year at the festival of God’s birth, when she reads the fortunes of worshippers. Her own destiny, on the other hand, is unknown save that she will die. People go from all around for this yearly event, and only those who are worthy of asking God questions are permitted into the temple.

Noemi unexpectedly saw herself in the future of a priest she kissed in Chapter 17, whose future included an encounter with water. There are still many unanswered mysteries concerning this priest, who we later learn is Noemi’s future spouse and the biological father of her children.

Noemi’s visions have undoubtedly led her to a cave containing water, and while we wait for Chapter 18, this much is evident. The priest is prepared to offer a sacrifice in order to get access to this source of water, but Noemi’s vision indicates that everyone in the area must perish first. The chapter offers to dive further into this mysterious predicament by investigating the costs of several potential courses of action.

When a priest walked inside the temple, everything changed for Noemi. At first, he didn’t put much stock in God or prophesy, but eventually, he came around. He’s here to settle the issue of whether or not it’s true.

Noemi’s destiny is intertwined with this priest, Theo Piedgar. How? Now, let’s have a look. To see Theo’s future, Noemi kissed him, but what she saw as awful. Sir Theo, she was running straight towards her head.

Noemi informed him that she had seen liquid within the cave. The cave becomes a haven, and a man attempts to make the ultimate sacrifice to rescue his people. She not only predicts her own future but also that of Theo.

She was scared to look around at everything. Theo was shocked to hear some of this, but he ultimately decided he was willing to give his life for the cause.

It’s natural to wonder whether Theo and Noemi will eventually tie the knot. Is Theo Noemi’s biological father? Where do they go from here? We are aware that several queries are preoccupying the reader’s head. Surely, in future volumes of the manga, these questions will be addressed.

Where To Watch Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18?

The unadulterated version of Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered may be found on Ridi Books.

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