new Delhi. The controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has been living a few kilometers from Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, for the past three years. He is living his life here comfortably. A sedition case was filed against Zakir in India and a red corner notice was issued against him.

Before that, he left the country and reached Malaysia and is now living in a VIP area with government offices and residential buildings there. The name of this place is Putrajaya. Earlier it was known for rubber trees but today there are Alishan buildings here. According to the BBC report, Zakir Naik is living comfortably in the Putrajaya area, there is no restriction on him. They come and go wherever they want.

According to the report, the BBC tried to interview Zakir Naik but he could not succeed in it. Zakir refused to give an interview. Zakir visits the main mosque of the city every Friday to offer Namaz. They live here in a flat of high-rise residential complex buildings. Here he is seen going to the mosque with his security personnel.

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Made an impressive place in Malaysia

He has carved out an impressive place during his stay in Malaysia. Malaysia's Penang State Deputy Chief Minister YB Kumarasamy said that Zakir has acquired an avatar-like personality in Malaysia. Young boys and girls of the Malay community have great reverence for them. The effect of Zakir is visible on people of all ages.

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Many in Malaysia, especially those who believe in Hindu and Buddhism, do not accept Naik's comparison of their religions to Islam and criticism of their religions. They are destroying the multi-cultural values ​​of Malaysian society. The British government at one time restricted Zakir Naik's entry into the UK.

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Many staunch supporters of Zakir Naik in Malaysia

Penang State Deputy Chief Minister YB Kumarasamy is also among those facing defamation cases. He says that he has no problem with Zakir preaching Islam but what right does he have to criticize Hinduism. Zakir has many staunch supporters who are said to be his disciples, who claim that some people from the Hindu community here oppose him who comes from RSS background.

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Malay community is supporting Zakir Naik

Malaysia has a total population of 3.3 crore. Of these, 65 percent of the population belongs to the Malay community. Most people in this community are Muslim believers. 20 per cent of the people in Malaysia are Chinese who follow Buddhism. 7 per cent people are of Indian origin, most of whom are Tamil Hindus. These minorities feel threatened by Naik's presence. These people want their government to extradite Zakir to India so that he can face the charges against him in India.

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Government of Malaysia is not considering the evidence as strong

There is a belief in the Malaysian government that the evidence given by the Indian government to extradite Naik is weak and 'concocted'. The Malaysian Prime Minister believes that Zakir Naik will not get justice in India. Warrant continues in India against Zakir Naik. He is accused of inciting youth on communal grounds. The Indian government has requested the Malaysian government to extradite Naik on the basis of this indictment, but Malaysia has not done any work in this direction till now.

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Zakir gave messages from his Peace TV channel

Another thing is that Naik's journey to become the world's most controversial preacher has been strange. He has a popular TV channel Peace TV which is now banned in India and Bangladesh. Born in 1965 in Dongri, a Muslim-dominated area of ​​Mumbai, Naik's home has many doctors. Both his father and brother are doctors.

In 1991, after leaving his medical practice, he founded the Islamic Research Foundation. His foundation and school have been sealed by the government. His TV channel Peace TV has 20 million followers worldwide. His staunch supporters believe that the Indian government has run a false case against him and he has not broken any law in India.

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How can there be extradition

Zakir Naik can be extradited in Malaysia only for a dispute or mistake. There is currently no threat to him in Malaysia, but his presence in Malaysia seems to be creating estrangement among religious groups.

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