Lies Hidden in My Garden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Lies Hidden in My Garden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

A second season of the South Korean television show Lies Hidden in My Garden will soon be released. Kim Tae-hee, Lim Ji-Yeon, Kim Sung-oh, & Choi Jae-rim are its primary actors.

The film, which is based on the same-titled book by Kim Jin-young, follows the careers of two women who couldn’t be more different from one another.

The popularity of Korean dramas is rising rapidly, and along with this increase, there have been many intriguing dramas that explore different subjects. Lies Hidden in My Garden, an ENA original, is one such distinctive K-drama.

In the eight-episode miniseries, two married women who experience violence from their spouses are followed. One lady receives physical assault, while the other woman is subjected to emotional and mental torture.

The program presents a unique viewpoint on the lives of these young women and the way they ultimately free themselves from their abusive marriages. After eight episodes, the program has come to an end, but many viewers are left with one unanswered issue after the season finale. Does this still exist?

Korean entertainment is thriving in the West because to the popularity of noteworthy films like Parasite and talked-about TV shows like Squid Game.

Lies Hidden in My Garden Season 2 Release Date:

On June 17, 2023, the first season of Lies Hidden in My Garden was officially revealed and debuted. There were eight episodes in all. The more seasons will be made available in the next years.

The question of whether Lies Hidden in My Garden will have a second season is regrettably still open. Currently, confirmation of its renewal status is required. Additionally, the show’s production company has not yet given it the go-ahead in writing.

The show’s producers have still signaled their interest in a moment season and suggested prospective storylines.

Lies Hidden in My Garden Season 2 Trailer Release:

There isn’t yet a video trailer for Lies Hidden in My Garden the second season. You may now see prior season teaser videos on a verified YouTube account.

Lies Hidden in My Garden Season 2 Cast:

  • Kim Tae-hee as Moon Joo-ran
  • Lim Ji-yeon as Chu Sang-eun
  • Kim Sung-oh as Park Jae-ho
  • Choi Jae-rim as Kim Yoon-beom
  • Cha Seong-je as Park Seung-jae
  • Jung Woon-sun as Oh Hae-soo
  • Jung Hee-tae as Do-kyung

Lies Hidden in My Garden Season 2 Storyline:

A tragic murder brings together two ladies from diverse origins in the South Korean mystery-thriller series Lies Hidden in My Garden. Wealthy and successful, Moon Joo Ran seems to have the ideal life. Chu Sang Eun is a pregnant, underprivileged victim of domestic abuse.

After Chu Sang Eun’s spouse Kim Yun Beom is discovered dead, their lives are brought together. Moon Joo Ran, who lives next door to Chu Sang Eun, is intrigued by the situation and begins to investigate it.

Moon Joo Ran’s personal life starts to fall apart as she becomes more and more engaged in the investigation. She realizes that her supposedly ideal existence is not what it at first seems to be, and she is compelled to face up to some troubling truths from her background.

The program centers on Joo-ran, a lady who developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the death of her sister. Years after the passing of her sister, Joo-ran & her family relocate to a new rural area and purchase a home with a large backyard.

Joo-ran becomes inquisitive & digs up her garden after smelling a strange odor in her backyard, only to discover a human hands there.

In the meanwhile, Sang-eun, the pregnant wife of Jae-ho, who works with Joo-ran’s husband, is subjected to maltreatment. Sang-eun is unable to leave her spouse, who sometimes abuses her at home. Sang-eun discovers her husband’s murder, however, one day.

The K-drama Lies Hidden in My Garden has received considerable coverage on our website, including episode summaries for the first season and a full-season review.

Discover a world where happiness and suffering are difficult to distinguish in the intriguing Korean series “Lies Hidden in My Garden.” Beginning with Moon Joo Ran, a presumably comfortable housewife married to prosperous doctor Jae Ho, the story dives inside the lives of two women. Their peaceful existence unexpectedly changes when Joo Ran detects a strange odour emanating from their region.

Her desire to know more about her husband’s secrets drives her to go on a voyage of self-discovery and introspection. While taking this adulterous way, she encounters Chu Sang Eun.

Sang Eun and Joo Ran have quite different lifestyles, as is evident. She had financial troubles as a young girl, and she currently lives in a dilapidated apartment with her husband, Kim Yun Beom.

Unfortunately, since Yun Beom works for a pharmaceutical company, Sang Eun is trapped in an abusive relationship & must put up with his cruelty.

She is caught in a web of misery and her existence seems like an endless torment. But when Sang Eun receives a call alerting her that Kim Yun Beom has died away, destiny takes an amazing turn.

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” peels back the complex layers of these two women’s lives as their paths meet in order to uncover the most horrific secrets and hidden truths.

With each revelation, the series draws you in closer as it highlights the women’s unwavering spirit in their battle to escape the limitations of their miserable lives.

You will be spellbound by this gripping and compelling drama as the brittleness of specific happiness and the pursuit of diversity collide. Be careful in the approaching seasons as the ban becomes stronger and the terrible consequences of their actions become more apparent.

Where To Watch Lies Hidden in My Garden Season 2?

Netflix has the first a total of two seasons of Lies Hidden in My Garden and thus the second season will also be shown there. Fans of Lies Hidden in My Garden are eagerly anticipating the release of the second season and are interested in learning more about it.

The release date for Lies Hidden in My Garden’s second season has not yet been determined. Like the first season, if it is produced, it will probably be made accessible on Netflix.

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