Lookism Chapter 477 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Lookism Chapter 477 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Lookism is a comic from South Korea, and its creator is Park Tae-joon. It blends humor, drama, & action to tell the narrative of a high school student called Daniel Park.

Since others judge Daniel based on his appearance, he often suffers from bullying. But all changes when he suddenly finds himself in a new body, one that is attractive and physically fit.

Park Tae Joon is responsible for the “Lookism” manga series. The main character of the manga “Lookism” is Daniel Park, a high school student who isn’t very handsome.

However, he discovers the fact that he has a unique ability that allows him to transform into more attractive forms. Daniel decides to exploit this ability so that he may be popular and accepted.

As we saw in the previous chapter, the plot focuses on Tom Lee, a fascinating figure. The Ultimate King, referred to as the King of the Beggars and the King of the Streets, cuts in to talk about his prosthetic hand.

Previously on Lookism, the four heads engaged in a fierce battle against the terrible foe known as “The Thing.” In spite of their concerted efforts, it proven to be very durable. The four minds were exhausted as their fight reached a climactic climax.

As all four heads urgently look for reinforcements, Goo Kim unexpectedly enters the fray as an ally. However, they’ll have to pay him a whopping 1 billion won to provide a hand.

The outcome of the conflict will be revealed in Lookism Chapter 474, and it all comes down to whether or not Goo Kim’s incredible might is enough to defeat the apparently unstoppable creature.

Lookism Chapter 477 Release Date:

Release date for Lookism Version 477 is slated for November 30, 2023. Let’s check out when Lookism Chapter 477 will be available in different time zones:

Lookism Chapter 477 Trailer Release:

A video preview for Lookism Volume 477 is now available.

Lookism Chapter 477 Storyline:

The only way they could stop an impending assault was to devise a defense that would render it futile for him to try again, they reasoned.

To his utter surprise, however, he was able to avoid every single one of them with a single stroke. They also find out that Hyung Nim has exhausted his reserves and would be unable to employ his enhanced abilities in that location.

Lookism, Chapter 476, gives readers on a thrilling trip as it discloses secrets and features arguments between major individuals. Tom Lee claims he has a phony hand, which constantly takes people by surprise.

He hasn’t lost his hand, but he has been reluctant to show it. The chapter then delves more into Tom Lee’s tumultuous history and his fight for power as the Ultimate King.

They keep going even when they’re exhausted. Their situation becomes even more precarious when they learn that Big Daniel is now incorporating boxing in his assaults.

At the same time, however, Hyung Nim learns that he is employing both his random skills & his Muay Thai, indicating that he can handle all their techniques.

Hyung Nim then explains that he is too exhausted to employ his new ability in that situation. Then he wonders what the right course of action might be.

Hyung Nim has now declared his workday to be over. The guy feels that his opponent would not have lost if he had just a bit more power.

Lookism’s Jake Kim & Samuel Seo fought to the death in Chapter 477, demonstrating their respective skills in the process. Jake utilized his Dragon’s Eye ability to foresee Samuel’s movements, while Samuel created massive shockwaves with his Sound Wave ability. These powers have been shown before.

Eli Jang & Daniel Park tried to intercede to halt the fight, but were overpowered by the goons working for Jake and Samuel. In Lookism Volume 476, the Thing, a strange and persistent presence, is joined by a new plot point concerning Goo Kim.

The stakes have been raised and the continuing conflict has gained more interest as a consequence of the twist, which suggests that Samuel may be given as a sacrifice.

As the four individuals work to take advantage of Samuel’s precarious situation, the reader may anticipate exciting action sequences, ingenious plans, and potentially game-changing occurrences.

Furthermore, there is the expectation of occurrences that may drastically change the story’s trajectory. The story and characters of Lookism will be profoundly affected by the result of this battle.

A possible explanation for Goo Kim’s involvement in the events might be revealed in this chapter. Using drama to communicate these findings is one option.

The realization that the creature is aiming for him and getting ready to deliver a bone-crushing blow comes as a shock to Johan Seung, for example. Eli Jang’s reflexes are so quick that he is able to parry the strike in time to protect Johan.

Tom Lee’s use of a prosthetic hand comes as a surprise to everyone. This sets the stage for a discussion on his past existence as the Ultimate King, a powerful and, at times, terrifying figure.

Goo Kim exposes to Tom Lee during their conversation a history of turmoil and an inexplicable occurrence that lost him his hand. While Ahjusshi & Goo Kim were laughing about their respective abilities and potential bouts, Goo Kim unexpectedly urged them to stop. Because of this attitude shift, the storyline is accordingly surprising.

Jindong Park, a character in the novel, suffers from epileptic fits spurred on by memories of the past. White Tiger Job Center Section Chief Sera Shin interrupts to provide an update on Jindong’s condition.

When the protagonist’s identity & family are revealed, the story becomes more urgent. Jindong wakes up at the chapter’s close in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by staff members at the White Tiger Job Centre.

Where To Watch Lookism Chapter 477?

Go to Naver or Line Webtoon to read Lookism Section 476. However, there are guidelines to follow while reading manhwa online. All the chapters are available to those who subscribe to their premium services. If not, you’ll only get access to a sample of the book.

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