Loot Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The first season of the comedy show Loot on Apple TV+ starts streaming on June 24, 2022, and all of the fans are really enjoying it.

And now that fans have seen the last episode, episode 10, they are going to wait for the next season. If you want to know all the latest news about Loot season 2, read this article all the way to the end.

Over the past few years, Apple TV+ has made some great original shows. The original show Loot is still in its bucket, waiting to come out.

The first episode of the drama show Loot will air on June 24. People may have been curious about the lives of multibillionaires who post about them on social media. Do they have tough times? How are they with each other? How do they feel?

Some people post about how great their lives are just minutes after hearing that they are getting divorced, and they continue to be smiling.

Loots goes deep into the lives of a few of these multibillionaires to show what they go through, with divorce being the main focus. In this series, stars like Maya Rudolph as well as Adam Scott will show off their funny side.

Loot Season 2 Release Date:

The official date for Season 2 of Loot has not been set yet. The 2nd season of the show Loot will come out sometime in 2023. Maybe, like the first season, it will be on Apple TV+. Let’s wait and see what comes next.

Loot Season 2 Trailer Release:

No official word has been said about a comeback. So, there won’t be any new teasers. From what we know, they haven’t even started shooting yet.

It will take some time to do this. But hang tight, because as shortly as we find anything, we’ll let you know! You can take a look at the previous season.

Loot Season 2 Cast:

  • Molly Novak, played by Maya Rudolph,
  • MJ Rodriguez as Sofia Salinas
  • Arthur: Nat Faxon
  • Booster Joel Kim as Nicholas
  • Ron Funches plays Howard.

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Stephanie Styles plays the role of Ainsley, Adam Scott plays the role of John Novak, Olivier Martinez plays the role of Jean-Pierre, and Meagen Fay plays the role of Rhonda.

Seal is playing himself, Dylan Gelula is playing Hailey, Sean Evans is playing himself, George Wyner is playing Martin Streibler, GaTa is playing himself, Kym Whitley is playing Renee, Brendan Scannell is playing Paul, Caitlin Reilly is playing Jacinda, and David Chang is playing himself.

Loot Season 2 Storyline:

Sofia gets out of the car when her driver makes fun of the homeless people in the city while taking her to the aerodrome. Molly is getting ready to show Jean-innovative Pierre’s system for making water safe to drink when she and the rest of the team get to Corsica for the summit.

Sofia says that she forgot about their goal in the area and got involved with yet another man. Arthur tells Nicholas and Howard that he loves Molly, and they comfort him.

Molly forces herself to drink a glass of still-dirty water throughout a disastrous demonstration of Jean-malfunctioning Pierre’s gadget.

When Jean-Pierre suggests they get away from their problems, Molly sends a memorandum to her staff telling them she is leaving the foundation.

Sofia stops her on her flight, and she tells Sofia that she and Jean-Pierre are no longer together.

Sofia won’t give up her job because she has done so much good for her team and their organization.

Molly says that when she gets back to the conference, she will give all of her money to charity. Arthur tells Molly that he wants to talk to her about something during the team’s party. Molly wakes up with John in bed with her in the morning.

After 20 years of marriage, Molly’s life is turned upside down by a scandal involving her husband. The husband cheats on his wife with a girl who seems to be very young. Molly jokes that the girl wasn’t even born when she and John got hitched.

Molly has a life that anyone would want. With private jets, a huge mansion, and a gigayacht, she has a luxurious life with everything she needs.

She falls apart in public and ends up going viral on the internet. She is called the most famous celebrity who has been cheated on, which she doesn’t like.

The scandal gives her bad press, and she hits rock bottom once she finds out, to her surprise, that Sofia Salinas runs a charity foundation for her. When she finds out about a charity foundation, she makes the decision that helping others might be the answer to her problems.

Apple TV+ hasn’t yet announced when season two of Loot will be available. The first season started on June 24, 2022, so it’s not hard to think that the second season might start in late June 2023. Even though we don’t know for sure who will be in the movie, there are a few safe bets.

Maya Rudolf will be back as the show’s executive producer and as the stylish billionaire divorcee Molly Novak. Her cheating husband John (Adam Scott), who is determined for Molly to fail, will probably show up, along with his new young girlfriend Hailey (Dylan Gelula).

If the finale goes the way I think it will, Molly’s hot new boyfriend Jean Pierre (Oliver Martinez) might not be back next season. If not, I’m sure he’ll be back. Arthur, Howard, Sofia, and Nicholas will almost certainly also show up at the foundation in season two.

I think Molly will keep making big moves with her founding and get nearer to her office team in the second season. I’m hoping she’ll eventually wind up with Albert, who seems to be the perfect guy for her. I, too, am excited to find out where the man, if any, Sofia chooses.

Which one are you most looking forward to seeing in season two of Loot? Comment below and tell me someone that you are interested in seeing and what you think Molly’s journey will be like.

Loot Season 2 Ratings and Reviews:


Ratings are the only way to measure how well a TV show is doing.

The best way to figure out how long a show will stay on air is to look at how popular it is.

More the points you possess, the more likely it is that you will make it. The show has a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb, and 83% of critiques and viewers agree that it’s good.


Even though I thought I would, I couldn’t giggle at the character of “the nice, wealthy lady who lives in an ivory tower and learns to enjoy life.”

The humor is subtle enough to almost be a dramedy, but it doesn’t work as either comedy or drama.

It’s fine as a padding for a night of binge-watching, but it won’t meet your high standards. Maya does a great job of carrying this, but the writing isn’t funny enough for her skills to save it.

Also, the actors don’t get along with each other at all. I like that you tried to make something funny to make us all feel better.

How Many Episodes Will Lost Season 2 Have?

We won’t talk about the upcoming season 2 of the TV show Loot because we don’t want to give anything away.

This makes it hard to know for sure when the episodes of season 2 will come out.

If the season 2 of Loot follows in the footsteps of the first, it will have at least 10 episodes.

Where To Watch Loot Season 2:

On Apple TV+, you can stream episodes of the show Loot.

So, if you have a currently active Apple Cable subscription, this episode will be free to watch.

There will be no extra costs for the show. Remember that this show isn’t always on in every area. So, check to see if this tv series is shown near you.

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