Love In The Air Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Love In The Air Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Love in the Air is a Thai romantic comedy-drama television series that is directed by Neti Suwanjinda. The television show depends on a book that explores the path of discovering genuine love in many contexts. When seasons shift at the same time, the sensations of the sky and the rain also change.

A show called Love in the Air is about two buddies who get caught up in some issues. They encounter two people they see as their saviors, Phayu and Prapai, but they are the cause of the difficulties the pair has faced.

It will be fascinating to see the environment of love as well as direction the hearts urge them to go as a consequence of the conflict of love that arises and affects everyone’s life.

Love In The Air Season 2 Release Date:

On August 18, 2022, the first episode of the show premiered. The 13-episode series, which had a total runtime of 45 minutes, came to an end on November 10th.

However, the creators have not yet decided to continue the show for a second season, therefore there is no set premiere date for Love in the Air the second season.

The producers of Love in the Air have not yet greenlit the program for a second season, according to Me Mind My. Many viewers will be hoping for a second season because of the show’s success in its first run.

Considering the typical one-season run of Thai BL series, Love in the Air probably won’t get a second season order. A spin-off series featuring one of the couples or an additional series featuring the two couples might be in the works, however, given the amount of love viewers are pouring into the show’s characters.

Love In The Air Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of Love in the Air does not have a trailer. Check out the series’ season 1 trailer, which is accessible on YouTube.

Love In The Air Season 2 Cast:

  • Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya,
  • Fort Thitipong Sengngai,
  • Noeul Nuttarat Tangwai,
  • Wasuthorn Chaijinda
  • Phayu, who was portrayed by Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya. 
  • Tonnam Piamchon Damrongsunthornchai, 
  • Pepper Pongpat Unhapipatpong,
  • Nut Nattapong Prompinit, who played Por,
  • Nan Sujitra Hemhiran, who portrayed Ple, 
  • Theme Phubeth Atarunwong,
  • Daniel Alex Bird, 
  • Dunk Patak Pingmuang 
  • Chai Supakit Welasmongkonchai plays Aek,
  • Seng Supachkok Welasmongkonchai plays Tho,
  • Beam Phunthida Phairuangkij plays Natsu,
  • Smart Chisanupong Paungmanee plays Leon,
  • Zani Nipaporn Thititanakarn plays Joy, 
  • Chai Tawatson Plengsiriwat plays Chai 

Love In The Air Season 2 Storyline:

We are unable to estimate the Season 2 narrative at this time since the producers are presently mum. But we’re likely to remember the show’s core idea.

A motorcyclist called Phayu saves a man named Rain who has light complexion on a wet day. Phayu’s good looks cause Rain to be inspired and want to resemble him. It comes out that Rain is in love with Phayu, a senior who is every girl’s ideal man.

Phayu jokes with Rain on their second encounter that he is attempting to seduce him as well as spends the night in his garage. Phayu keeps on making fun of Rain before turning against him.

While acknowledging his failure, Rain attempts to reveal Phayu’s true identity to everyone. He then accepts the challenge to win Phayu over within a month.

We cannot predict what will happen next since the synopses of all the episodes are not yet published, but given the fundamental idea, there are still a lot of possibilities.

Over the course of the 13 major episodes, the program tells romantic tales of two couples. In the first seven episodes, Rain comes to terms with his sexuality after meeting Payu.

The final six episodes of the program are centered on the tale of Sky, Rain’s buddy, who had a horrible experience with love in the past and had vowed never to fall in love again until he met Prapai, a businessman-biker.

There is also a special episode of the program that follows the development of the romances between Rain and Payu and Sky & Prapai after how they ended in Episode 13 of the regular series.

Me Mind My, the program’s creators, has not yet ordered a second season of Love In The Air as of this writing. Many fans of the program will be hoping for a second season, given how well-liked it was throughout its first run.

It is quite possible that Love in the Air won’t be renewed for an additional season given that the majority of Thai BL series only run for one.

However, given the devotion that viewers have for the show’s characters, more projects starring both of them couples or individual sequel series for each of the couples may be in the works. As new information becomes available, we’ll make sure to update this area accordingly.

In Love in the Air, two best friends named Rain and Sky are in a bind, as the clouds and rain above them taunt and torment them. The two then encounter Phayu & Prapai, who are both clever rescuers and the men who sowed the seeds of discord amongst the closest friends.

A love war breaks out as a result of these occurrences, with varying outcomes for each participant. What will the mood be like, and where will their hearts take them? You’ll need to tune into the show to find out.

Many people think Rain (Nuttarat Tangwai) is an attractive boy, therefore he shouldn’t have any problem finding a partner. The one woman who has ever won his heart is now engaged to his rival, Phayu (Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya).

Phayu is the senior every female in school secretly wants to date, but Rain has no chance because of his stunning good looks and bad-boy biker image.

When Phayu unexpectedly and almost cruelly enters Rain’s life, Rain believes it’s time to teach him a lesson. If Rain can get Phayu to fall in love with him, he can tarnish Phayu’s reputation with the ladies at school.

Sky (Wasuthorn Chaijinda), Rain’s closest friend, is dealing with his own issues while aiding Rain in his quest for vengeance. Sky has no interest in dating after experiencing a bad relationship.

He meets Prapai (Thitipong Sengngai), and it appears impossible for him to break the destiny that seems to link him and Prapai together.

Rain and Sky have a hard time making sense of the flood of emotions that overwhelms them whenever Phayu & Prapai are around. But can they both admit the potential significance of these emotions?

Rain, a lovely, light-skinned boy, was having automobile trouble one wet day. Lucky for us, a large motorcyclist named Phayu arrived to the rescue.

When he got off his helmet, Rain was immediately enamored by his appearance and wished she could copy it. It’s revealed that Rain’s infatuation for the lady he has his eye on is really directed towards Phayu, since he is the renowned seniors who is every girl’s dream man.

The second time his automobile broke down, he was able to find out Phayu’s true identity. Phayu mocked Rain by claiming that the latter was attempting to seduce him. That night, Rain slept in his garage.

Again, Phayu began tormenting him by pretending to touch Rain. That’s why Rain hates Phayu so much; he wants to dispel the myth that Phayu is a wonderful guy by exposing his real colors.

However, Phayu thought it endearing that he never prevailed. He boasted that he could defeat Rain in a month and have Phayu falling in love with him.

Where To Watch Love In The Air Season 2?

The show may be seen online on the Thai digitally terrestrial television channel GMM 25, which is run by The One Enterprise and owned by GMM Grammy. The American streaming video service Rakuten Viki also offers access to the television series.

Is There Season 2 of The Love Is In The Air Thai drama?

Whether or whether the program will be renewed for a second season after 13 seemingly incongruous episodes is still up in the air. It is a known truth, however, that these series are not given another season.

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