Lupillo Rivera confesses why he divorced Mayeli Alonso

Since the beginning of the year 2019 Lupillo Rivera divorced Mayeli Alonso With whom he was married since 2006, he recently explained the reasons why he separated.

For months it was thought that the person who had caused their separation it was the same Lupillo because it was said that he had a relationship with Belinda.

Remember that Belinda and Lupillo they shared the stage in Mexico's voice It was from that moment that the chemistry between the two emerged and the rumors about a love relationship began.

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However, it should be noted that she was not the interpreter of "Neither Freud nor your mother" the cause of the divorce of that marriage of 13 years old.

He was the interpreter of "They had already told me" who decided to tell the reason for their separation to a judge while he was in a hearing in the United States, since the cause was infidelity.

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In a legal lawsuit that ended in a lawsuit between Mayeli who became a successful businesswoman and her partner, she was told to testify to Lupillo, so she had to attend by order of the Judge.

When the singer was called to give statements because Mayeli had problems with her partner with whom she created a cosmetic brandLupillo had to answer some questions that the judge was doing so he had no choice but to reveal the truth of their separation when questioned about it.

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Gustavo Adolfo Infante commented in the video in which he explained more in detail about the relationship that was constantly questioned to Lupillo Rivera the reason why they had separated, however, never mentioned a word.

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It is well said that the gentlemen have no memory and perhaps Lupillo had not commented on anything because, in addition to being something intimate, he did not want to hurt his ex wifeHowever, the documents do not lie and the driver would expose them affirming that there were 83 sheets of the demand within which Rivera's statement was written.

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