Maite Perroni reveals strong details of the RBD reunion


Actress and singer Maite Perroni revealed several details about the awaited reunion and concert of RBD, as well as the reasons why he decided to do it together with Anahí Puente, Christopher Uckerman and Christian Chavéz.

Maite Perroni was emphatic in pointing out that it is not a reunion musical for touring purposes but is something to embrace millions of fans.

The beautiful actress recalled that they had already been thinking for quite some time that they wanted to do something to be close to the public after twelve years of absence, when they found out that they were going to republish all the songs they had sung over the years. the group lasted.

When all the music was published, it was the public who was in charge of making their songs the most popular topics on social networks, and they, excited, made a decision, to join together once more to delight them.

When we were in that process they gave us the news that with us or without us, Universal already had the rights to all the RBD songs and that they were going to upload them all to all music platforms with or without us because this is already a topic of rights and situations that no longer have anything to do with the six of us, we were characters in a project, nothing more ”.

That was how his 32 songs were in the global top of 50 songs and the one and the 32 were pure songs of RBD.

It was crazy to see that after twelve years all this was happening and there we sat down to talk and say why we did not do something that would allow us to reconnect with the public that gave us so many beautiful things almost 16 years ago that was when it began the project, on October 4, 2004 ”.

As we mentioned, Love She was emphatic in saying that it is not simply about a musical reunion for the purpose of touring and so on, since there is no planned tour or new things together, it is only about hugging her followers in a concert full of nostalgia.

On December 26 we are going to do a live streaming and we are very excited, we are planning and organizing from day to night. We are going to allocate a percentage of the profits to a foundation. From what is generated for the sale of this event and after the payment of the employees ”, commented the actress.

It is worth mentioning that this Wednesday, Maite presented the second season of "Herederos by accident 2", which, with a cast made up of Mexicans and Spaniards, will premiere its second season on the ClaroVideo platform this Thursday.

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The cast includes renowned actors such as Consuelo Duval, Michel Duval, Jorge Caballero, Cuca Escribano, Estefanía de los Santos and Carmen Muga.

On the other hand, a couple of days ago Anahì announced that in addition to the reunion, they will make new musical content, something that of course excited everyone, as it was something they did not expect at all.

It was during an interview that I conducted for the morning program "Hoy", where Anahì stressed that the absence of Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera will not be an impediment for RBD present new music.

Undoubtedly the return of the group has caused a furor among its fans, since in just a few hours of announcing the reunion, entitled "Ser o Parecer", more than 100,000 tickets were sold around the world.

It is reunion It has been one of the most anticipated by many people, as they are songs that have accompanied us in meetings and parties, in our loves and heartbreaks, so once again you can sing at the top of your lungs in the company of some of the members.

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