Mia Khalifa's micro lace is sheer and revealing!

The model and businesswoman Mia Khalifa She is known for showing off her charms in any type of garment, however this time she decided to do it through a video! while wearing lingerie! lace with transparencies and some more details that fascinated his admirers.

There is no doubt that over the years the popularity of the young woman from Beirut, Lebanon has only grown, making her a star on social media.

Immediately the name of Mia Khalifa is identified and although she would prefer this to be thanks to her recent projects, the truth is that she is mostly remembered thanks to the fact that a few years ago she was an actress dedicated to films for adults.

Despite her rapid rise in the industry, the former actress had to retire from it after three months acting, the reasons, although there are several versions, are two that stand out the most in history, the one that she herself has shared where she claimed to have feeling disappointed and the second due to pressure from the Isis group originally from their country, because they did not feel comfortable with a citizen of that country having such a profession.

Thanks to this short career Mia Khalifa He ended up without the support of his family and it is said that so far he does not maintain contact with his parents, despite the fact that they moved to the United States since he was approximately nine years old, apparently they still maintain Lebanese customs.

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Although today he continues to be quite a celebrity, it is largely due to his past, in addition to the projects he has recently undertaken and the support he has given to various charities and his own country with the accidents they had a few months ago when hundreds people were affected after exposures that occurred there.

Taking advantage of this popularity Mia Khalifa decided to take advantage of it, decided to become a businesswoman selling calendars to her fans that she signs and sends herself, she also has a page where she sells her own photographs so she shares small clips of the photos on several occasions. sessions in order to get the attention of their fans.

Such was the case a few weeks ago that he decided to delight the pupil and accelerate the hearts of his admirers with a tremendous video, the most daring because he was wearing tiny lace lingerie with some transparencies.


It was on March 27, 2019 when the model and businesswoman decided to publish this video, as you can see the difference from then with her current appearance is quite remarkable, because despite having an enviable figure at that time she did not practice as much exercise as today in day, that's why today Mia Khalifa She feels the most proud, for the radical change she has had, she managed to lose weight and highlight her muscles, of course her superior charms remained intact.

Photoshoots are serious business, I love working with @thejennaleexx (tap the link in my bio), "he wrote in his description.

The model always manages to get the best of herself, she is a very nice woman who although of course she has her character, she is usually a beautiful person and above all flirtatious, it is something inevitable in her.

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From now on, each publication you make will make you become a new woman, who loves to be taken photos and if it is with scarce clothes that her followers manage to enjoy much better, it is a market that apparently has no end, the more the models show their beautiful and delicate skin much better, don't you think so.

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