Queen of Tears Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Queen of Tears Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Park Ji-eun authored the screenplay for the forthcoming South Korean TV series Queen of Tears, which Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun will star in. Kim Hee-won and Jang Young-woo [ko] are both co-directing the series.

The series follows the crises experienced by a married couple. It will begin airing on TVN in March 2024 at 21:20 (KST) and air every Sunday and Saturday thereafter.

Kim So Hyun and Kim Ji Won, stars of My Liberation Notes, are both eager to shine in the forthcoming Korean romantic drama Queen of Tears.

The romantic comedy starring prominent actors from South Korea has secured its March release date. The official announcement of the show’s release date as well as character hints via TVN’s social media account occurred on January 12.

The Park Ji Eun-written drama follows the exploits of a recently wed couple as they deal with challenging circumstances. Prepare for a captivating addition to the Netflix K-drama catalog in 2023: “Queen of Tears.”

The captivating romantic drama showcases an ensemble of A-list actors and actresses, including the charismatic Kim Ji Won from “Lovestruck in the City” and the gifted Kim Soo Hyun from “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.”

Queen of Tears Release Date:

The March 16 premiere of Queen of Tears, starring Kim Ji Won as well as Kim Soo Hyun, will occur at 9:20 p.m. KST, which is equivalent to 5:50 p.m. IST and 7:00 a.m. EST. The first look at the dramas, which featured the two actors embracing or enjoying their time together, was recently unveiled.

Queen of Tears Trailer Release:

Undoubtedly, a trailer video for The Queen of Tears is available.

Queen of Tears Cast:

  • Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo:
  • Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in:
  • Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-seong:
  • Kwak Dong-yeon as Hong Soo-cheol:
  • Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-hye:

Queen of Tears Storyline:

During the script reading, Kim Soo-Hyun, Kim Ji-Won, and other cast members reportedly executed their roles flawlessly. Kim Soo-Hyun as well as Kim Ji-Won, the lead couple, portray Baek Hyun-Woo as well as Hong Hae-In, respectively.

Hae-In, a chaebol heiress, is referred to as the “queen” of the department stores owned by Queen Group. In contrast, her spouse, Hyun-Woo, is descended from a modest household and is the progeny of the Yongduri chief. He is also the legal director of the Queen Group.

The couple encounters a predicament three years into their matrimonial union, during which they disagree on matters of company but occasionally display affection. The plot revolves around the couple’s subsequent triumph over the crisis and subsequent rekindling of their love.

The principal actors completely engrossed themselves in their roles and conveyed the appropriate emotion throughout the script reading. Additionally, Park Sung-Hoon, who portrays investment expert Yoon Eun-Sung, is a member of the cast.

By establishing a close rapport with the conglomerate, he heightens the level of tension in the situation. Kwak Dong-Yeon portrays Hong Soo-Chul, the younger brother of Hae-In.

Lee Joo-Bin portrays Cheon Da-Hye, his spouse. Expect the two to brighten the audience’s spirits with their endearingly romantic moments. The Queen of Tears, the title of the upcoming drama, is anticipated to be a business romance.

Kim So Hyun portrays Hong Hae In, the heiress of this chaebol, while Kim Ji Won plays Baek Hyun Woo, the legal producer of the Queens Group.

Notwithstanding the multitude of obstacles they encounter, they enter into matrimony and make concerted efforts to maintain their partnership.

After a three-year absence, Kim So Hyun returns to the big screen for the first time in this role, which also features the stars paired as a couple. In addition to the principal cast, Park Sung Hoon and Kwak Dong Yeon are slated to have significant parts in this romantic comedy.

Kim Soo Hyun, a South Korean acting prodigy, continues to captivate audiences around the world. The fact that he has won four Baeksang Arts Awards, two Grand Bell Awards, and the Blue Dragon Film Award merely serves as an indication of his extraordinary talent.

His sincere performance in the worldwide hit It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, however, is what truly captivated audiences. His must-see Korean dramas consist, among others, of My Love From The Star, The Producers, Hotel Del Luna, Running Man, and Dream High.

Where To Watch Queen of Tears?

By 2024, Netflix will be streaming an intriguing new weekly K-drama.

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