Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

An American reality television program is called Mountain Monsters. Cryptozoology serves as the basis for the program’s topic. The Travel Channel is showing the series.

Colt Straub, Duke Straub, Russell Geyser, Jay Blumke, Ken Charles, and Royal Malley are among the producers of Mountain Monsters, which was made by American Chainsaws.

The program premiered on Destination America on June 22, 2013. Since then, a total of eight seasons have been made available.

The Appalachian Investigation of Mysterious Sightings (A.I.M.S.) team is the subject of the television show. Seven West Virginian hunters & trappers work together as a team to explore the Appalachian Mountains for strange animals.

Mountain Monsters: By the Fire, a spin-off series, was also made available and contains more information and never-before-seen material from various episodes of the main series.

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date:

The TRVL Channel has not yet canceled or renewed Mountain Monsters Season 9. The formal update on the show’s status is still pending. When we have more data, we’ll update this status.

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Cast:

  • Team captain John “Trapper” Tice (1947–2019)
  • The researcher Jeff Headlee
  • Willy McQuillian is a trapmaker.
  • Security Joseph “Huckleberry” Lott
  • Tracker William “Wild Bill” Neff
  • Expert caller Jacob “Buck” Lowe (formerly “Rookie”)

Michael Berger narrates the program.

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Storyline:

A group of ardent hunters or trappers have decided to make it their entire lives to research the mythical and unexplained monsters that are said to wander the Appalachian Mountains. Along the 1,500-mile stretch of mountains, there have allegedly been numerous sightings of these monsters, known variously as the Wolfman, Devil Dog, Wampus Beast, Mothman, and Lizard Demon.

It wasn’t until the members of the Appalachian The investigators of Mysterious Sightings had their own close encounters with these beings that they began to believe in their existence.

The AIMS team, lead by creators “Trapper” John Tice, Jeff Headlee, & Willy McQuillian, now tracks, traps, and captures these monsters using both conventional methods and cutting-edge technology. While “Mountain Monsters” is being filmed, perhaps AIMS will land its first one!

The Appalachian Investigation of Mysterious Sightings team (AIMS), founded and led by John Tice, better known by his stage name “Trapper,” was the inspiration for the cult television series “Mountain Monster.”

Trapper sadly died away in December 2019 after a protracted illness. In “Mountain Monsters: A Tribute for Trapper,” which debuts on January 3 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, the AIMS team shares some of their best encounters and recollections with Tice from their time spent researching cryptids in the Appalachian Mountains.

Season Five of “Mountain Monsters,” which debuts on Sunday, January 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, has seven one-hour episodes & a two-hour season finale, in which the team’s surviving members get together for the first time after Trapper’s death to debate the team’s future and go on adventures.

The AIMS team embarks on a brand-new journey that Trapper planned ahead of time before he went away after reading a special letter he sent to them.

The team sets out towards mountains of the Tygart Valley with the goal of establishing the existence of wolves in West Virginia.

Each member is armed with a personal diary that contains all of the information they have ever acquired about the woods.

They were subject to a reward, and it was said that the final wolf was slain in 1900. Local farmers who have been losing animals to a hazardous predator are encountered by the crew.

The crew quickly comes to the conclusion that something far more sinister and lethal exists in the Tygart Valley in addition to the wolves.

According to Matthew Butler, general manager of Travel Channel, “After the tragic loss of Trapper, we realized the significance of discovering a way to commemorate his life with our AIMS-obsessed fans followed by carry on his mission.”

The team was excited to continue Trapper’s legacy and return to the forest with the goal of carrying out his life’s work, which included fierce hunts, suspenseful twists, and hillbilly humor. This is what makes the forthcoming season so exceptional.

The crew hears from locals during the course of the season about enormous K9 cryptids with blazing red eyes that live in the area and are known there as Smoke Wolves.

They learn as they look more that Trapper was aware of these animals in the 1970s. The crew spends time attempting to determine whether Trapper’s remarks about the wolf of West Virginia apply here.

The crew then discovers that there is also a Bigfoot hiding in the region, frightening the area in addition to the other monsters.

The squad finds out why Trapper sent their to the Tygart Valley towards the conclusion of the season.

They complete the cycle as Trapper’s daughter explains their astounding discoveries. And in an unexpected twist of an ending, Huckleberry has a Bigfoot shock for the ages.

Where To Watch Mountain Monsters Season 9?

  • Journey to America (2013–17)
  • Travel Channel (since 2019)
  • Discovery+ (since 2021)
  • DMAX (2013-19)

Weekly episodes of Mountain Monsters may be seen on Destination America. The show’s past episodes are also available online for streaming.

There hasn’t been a season 9 formal press release. Catching up on the prior episodes online before the ninth season is released.

Mountain Monsters is available to stream on Vudu Movie, Prime Video, and Spectrum TV.

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