Movierulz & Tamilrockers Leaked ‘Raahu’ Full Movie Online Review

Movierulz & Tamilrockers Leaked ‘Raahu’ Full Movie Online Review

Raahu is a movie based on action and full romance produced by talented AVR Swamy. The characters are played by casts like Kriti Garg, AbeRam Varma, Shubu Vedula, Prabhakar, and Satyam Rajesh.

Bhanu (Kirti Garg) is an automobile engineer who feels blind when sees something bloody. Bhanu has feelings for Sesh (AbeRam Varma) and both are ready to tie a knot. In this movie, Kriti looked very emotional and Satyam Rajesh only laughs every time so the story of the movie is good enough.


When they both are going to marry, there is a big rise in the problem that her father and ACP (Shubu Vedula) warn her about regarding her disorders.

Although Raahu is a new and unique story somehow it leaves some unanswered questions like who can marry a blind girl facing disorders. Love feelings for Bhanu and Sesh make the movie quite good but there are few characters who try to separate them both by killing Bhanu.

Sesh is a policeman and acted very well in the movie regarding his action and love. Some many turns and twists that keep your interest continue. Prabhakar is a gangster who does guilt with a negative key character.  Also, the father of Bhanu accepts her love but plans a kidnapping of Bhanu and kills her. Nagasu (Prabhakar) helps Bhanu to defend her and save herself from her father.

There are some questions in the audience’s mind that the director and producers forget to answer in the movie. Despite having more twists in the movie, the story looks sometimes boring as well as creates confusion.

The cameraman did their job well; every scene was shown very clearly in the picture. Raahu is a thrilling movie that still has not gotten any good response in cinemas. The song “Emo Amo” attracts the audience and tries to keep them interested as well as background music is cool too.

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