Murim Login Chapter 180 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Murim Login Chapter 180 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The much anticipated 180th chapter of the Murim Login manga is finally here! The release date, raw scans, and timer will be included in this update.

Murim Login readers have been waiting patiently for more material since the conclusion of the previous chapter, and this article will fill them in.

Chapter 180 of Murim Login is intriguing, but spoilers have already been posted online. You must use extreme caution in order to forestall unpleasant shocks.

Murim Login, Zerobic’s critically regarded Korean manhwa, has garnered a sizable following since its 2020 premiere. The hero of the story, Jin Tae-Kyung, is a fearsome monster hunter who will stop at nothing to bring these beasts to justice.

Many readers are counting down the days until Murim Login Chapter 180, eagerly anticipating the next exciting chapter in this captivating story.

In the thrilling manhwa Murim Login, we follow Jin Taekyung on his travels around the magical realm of Murim. Jin Taekyung’s journey to Mount Song for the Great Celestial Banquet sets the stage for an exciting turn in Chapter 163. There will be more exciting and interesting developments in the plot, so fans can’t wait for the next episode.

Murim Login Chapter 180 Release Date:

Rumor has it that December 16, 2023 will be the day the much-anticipated Murim Login Volume 180 is supposedly released to the public.

Murim Login Chapter 180 Trailer Release:

You may see a preview of Chapter 180 of Murim Login, yes.

Murim Login Chapter 180 Storyline:

Before, we saw that King Dharma harbored resentment at Jin Tae Kyung for denying him the opportunity to fight. Jin Tae Kyung was certain that King Dharma had exceptional martial arts skills. The holy art’s burning sun has also been his education.

Contrarily, an old monk named Hongdao managed to outwit everyone. It was Jin Tae Kyung’s displeasure that King Dharma took the name Hongdao.

The welfare of Shaolin was Jin Tae Kyung’s responsibility. The outcome was that he stopped being concerned about the disciple’s fate. He goes on to say that King Dharma should stop pretending to be smart and just confess that he’s an idiot. The bloodiest battle of this conflict has finally ended. The Yin Ghost Han Soo was the next to go down in flames.

Yin Ghost Han Soo had Green Jade Ruyi, which was the only obstacle. All he had to do had been meeting Jin Tae Kyung at the designated spot.

In the prior chapter, Jin Baekyang voiced his displeasure and unwillingness to partake in the Great Celestial Banquet. He made light of meeting Yama and teasing an elderly man who behaves like a seven-year-old due to his ennui.

One of the spiritual leaders begged for forgiveness after seeing the Fire King & King Dharma’s antics. People thought it was fascinating to hear the Fire King & King Dharma talk.

However, no one could compare to the wisdom of the elderly monk Hongdao. The assumption of Hongdao’s name by King Dharma was something that Jin Tae Kyung strongly disapproved of.

Taking care of Shaolin was Jin Tae Kyung’s responsibility. He had so become indifferent to the disciple’s life or death. He continues by telling King Dharma that he is just an idiot for trying to seem intelligent. This conflict comes to a close after a battle. Han Soo, the Yin Ghost, was next in line to be defeated.

The tale becomes more complex as the chapters go, and King Dharma’s long-suppressed remorse becomes more apparent. The tension rises when Jin Tae Kyung challenges King Dharma’s use of the holy monk Hongdao.

Jin Tae Kyung, who is responsible for Shaolin’s protection, has no emotion for the destiny of Shaolin’s student. He accuses King Dhamma of being an idiot while pretending to be intelligent during their heated argument. An important turning point in the conflict ensues in the subsequent battle.

In the middle of the fighting, the story unveils Yin Ghost Han Soo, who is equipped with the Green Jade Ruyi, as the next dangerous enemy. The task at hand is to vanquish this formidable foe and make it to the pivotal meeting spot, wherein Jin Tae Kyung is waiting.

The story revolves on Jin Tae-Kyung, a beginner in swordplay who is determined to defeat enemies and achieve his dreams, as shown in Murim Login Chapter 176.

Two clandestine spies informed the Clan Master about a battle raging 700 kilometers north in the previous chapter. In the next chapter, after giving it some thought, the clan master talks to the head priest about the problem. They see dark clouds gathering in the sky, which leads many to wonder where they came from.

“It looks like a sneak peek.” Do you recall yesterday when a chicken bone struck your head and you passed out? Like a cattle being carried to the butcher, Hyuk Moo-jin as I parted ways with deep feelings.

A cheerful grin spread over Cheongpung’s face as she joyfully handed the trays of food. Taewon Jin-ga, the revered old tiger, reclaimed command of Shanseo Moorim after a long absence, igniting interest and expectation.

A inhabitant of a tiny community like Janggachon, Jang Tae-bo, is likewise cognizant of the issue. It was Jin Tae Kyung’s duty to look over Shaolin. This meant that he stopped caring about the disciple’s fate.

After that, he tells King Dharma to quit being smart as he’s obviously stupid. This dispute is resolved after each fight. Yin Ghost (or Han Soo) was the next adversary vanquished.

Where To Watch Murim Login Chapter 180?

When it’s released, fans will be able to read Chapter 163 of Murim Login on Kakao. All of Murim Login’s chapters, past and future, are available on Kakao. The “manga” section offers intriguing suggestions for people looking for comparable manhwa or manga series.

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