My Favorite Idol Chapter 27 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

My Favorite Idol Chapter 27 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Manhwa fans became interested in My Favorite Idol because of its interesting plot and love moments. As the release date of Chapter 27 gets closer, people are getting more and more excited about what it will reveal.

The story is about to take an exciting turn, and this next part is sure to bring new turns and shocks for the characters. Check out this article for the most up-to-date details and hints on Chapter 27 of My Favorite Idol.

The manhwa “My Favorite Idol” is gripping and looks into an interesting turn of events. Hong Jooa, an outcast who is picked on at school, as well as Go Yohan, a famous and loved hero, are at the center of the story. Both characters wish their lives were different and are jealous of each other’s.

One day, their physiques are switched without their knowledge, which leads to an unusual case of lovers switching genders. As the story goes on, readers can expect surprises and new information to keep them interested in this one-of-a-kind and charming love story.

My Favorite Idol Chapter 27 Release Date:

This week, on January 15, 2024, at 12:00 AM JST, the much-anticipated new episode of My Favorite Idol will be shown. Fans can start counting down the days until they can read the next part of this exciting story.

My Favorite Idol Chapter 27 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a promo movie for My Favorite Idol Volume 27.

My Favorite Idol Chapter 27 Storyline:

The 21st section of My Favorite Idol is hard to find because there isn’t an official description. Readers are encouraged to read the previous chapter to get a sense of what’s going on.

As the story goes on, an unknown guy surprises Jua by telling her he loves her. He says he sold creme muffins a year ago, which makes things even more confusing and makes Jua wonder if he is telling the truth.

In a sudden turn of events, Jua responds strongly, addressing the man physically and telling him to leave. But the man thinks her response is shame when it’s not.

When Jua is having a hard time with something new, she thinks back to a similar experience the guy had with another girl. This makes her question whether the emotions she is feeling are real. This unexpected turn of events puts readers on edge and sets the stage for more tension and surprises in the next chapters.

What if the shapes of the most popular girl in school and a mean girl were switched?! Hong Jooa doesn’t fit in with the other kids at school, so he is picked on every day. Everywhere in the country, people know and love Go Yohan.

Both Jooa and Yohan are jealous of each other. Jooa wants the life of her favorite hero, and Yohan wants the simple, relaxed life of a normal person.

They longed to be with each other, but someday, their bodies were switched without them knowing! My Favorite Idol is an amazing story of two people who fell in love and switched genders!

Jooa and Yohan were still in each other’s bodies in the last part. They now have to deal with the results of what they did. Jooa, who is currently living in Yohan’s body, has to face the media and the loyal fans after kissing a different star, Lee Minhyuk, on stage.

No one believes her when she says it was a mistake, no matter how hard she tries. Besides that, she has to deal with Yohan’s angry and jealous lover, Kim Soyeon. Kim is a well-known star.

Choi Eunji is the boyfriend of Minhyuk as well. She is mean to Jooa. Choi Eunji is mad at Yohan because he lives in Jooa’s body. She says he stole her boyfriend, and then threatens to tell everyone about his secret and put him on trial.

Jooa’s friend Park Jihyun has also noticed that Jooa is acting in a strange way. Now, Jihyun is interested in him and wary of him. She is, however, uncertain about whether what she has heard is true and whether this is really happening. She states that she prefers handsome men, but then she strikes him in the face and orders him to be elsewhere. He thinks she’s just being shy.

Later in the chapter, she thinks that this is the first time she’s felt like this, despite the fact that she has seen a lot of male fans. She also remembers that he behaved similarly with another girl not long ago, and she wonders what has changed. She thought that there weren’t many average people around him because of this.

Where To Watch My Favorite Idol Chapter 27?

You can read the next chapter of My Favorite Idol on Naver at the times and dates we listed, along with the chapters that have already come out.

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