My Only Love Song Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

My Only Love Song Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

The tale of history “My Only Love Song” is just one of the captivating South Korean TV dramas that Netflix continues to wow its worldwide audience with.

On June 9, 2017, the program made its debut, promising a delicious fusion of time travel, romance, and humor. It also featured two well-known Korean actors, Gong Seung-yeon & Lee Jong-hyun.

The hot topic on everyone’s mind as viewers binge-watched the first season of “My Only Love Song” was whether it would be renewed for a second season. Explore now.

Comedy writer Soo Jin Kim created the My Only Love Song series. On June 9, 2017, a brand-new television program made its debut on the Netflix video streaming service. The first season consists of 20 episodes. The television show On Dal with Lee Jong Hyun

My Only Love Song Season 2 Release Date:

Season 2 of the television series My Only Love Song was always going to happen. On May 31st, 2024, at identical time as the first, it will return. Here is what we currently know:

My Only Love Song Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of My Only Love Song does not have a trailer. The trailers for prior seasons are now accessible on a verified YouTube account.

My Only Love Song Season 2 Cast:

The main cast is probably back.

  • Lee Jong Hyun will return as On Dal,
  •  Gong Seung Yun as Sang Su Jung.
  • Lee Jae Jin as Byun Sam Yong
  • Jin Ye Joo as Princess Pyung Gang.

My Only Love Song Season 2 Storyline:

Top star Sung Soo-Jung (Gong Seung-Yeon) is very haughty. She categorizes individuals based on their financial situation. She unexpectedly travels when they return to time to the Goryeo period when she encounters On Dal (Lee Jong-Hyun). He would go to any length to get money, yet in reality, he is kind to the weak & the underprivileged.

An arrogant actress named Soo-jung (Gong Seung-yeon) thinks that prestige and wealth can take you anywhere. She unintentionally enters a time-travel vortex and journeys to the past, especially to Goguryeo in the sixth century, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, during King Pyeongwon’s rule.

On-dal (Lee Jong-hyun), a guy who adores money and would do everything to acquire it, is a character she encounters there. He does, however, have a soft place for the defenseless and weak, and he donates to them from the bottom of his heart.

In the movie My Only Love Song, a hot-tempered actress gets into an ancient van and goes back in time. Together with the companions she meets along the road, she has many adventures.

They are the fundamentals. Let’s continue the story now. Song Soo Jung is shooting a sageuk, however she is dissatisfied with the script since it altered the character’s motivation from battling a half-sister for a guy to battling to choose her own fate.

In addition, Song Soo Jung learned that the drama’s half-sister’s actress had also stolen her lover.

Song Soo Jung, who was very furious, got into a vehicle and traveled into the past, where she discovered that she was really living there at the same time as the movie she was shooting. She also discovered Pyung Gang, the princess she played in the drama, and On Dal, the princess’ legendary lover.

Although Netflix hasn’t officially announced a second season of “My Only Love Song,” the show’s future seems to be promising given the unquestionable success of Gong Seung-yeon and Lee Jong-hyun, both individually and together.

More “GongLee” episodes will definitely be requested by the fervent fanbase. All eyes will be on Netflix as American viewers dig into the enthralling first season to see whether they decide to invest in this enduring relationship and bring “My Only Love Song” back for a second season.

The plot of “My Only Love Song” centers on the spoiled actress Song Su-jeong, played by Gong Seung-yeon, who irrationally storms off the set of a historical drama movie.

She unexpectedly discovers herself in a time-traveling vehicle that is speeding back in time. She encounters Lee Jong-hyun’s On Dal as she tries to adjust to her new life. On Dal, who is kind and giving, is the exact opposite of Su-jeong. The gap in time between them becomes a challenge and a chance for a sweet relationship to develop as the plot progresses.

She found out that she wasn’t the only one who had gone into the future. Byeon Sam Yong, her assistant, also rode in the vehicle.

The narrative of the drama included parts of Moon Lovers, and it had many similarities with previous time travel dramas like Queen In Hyun’s Man. The drama director also employed the frozen+back-white operation, as seen in In a Need of Love 3.

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