My Personal Weatherman Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

My Personal Weatherman Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

“My Personal Weatherman” made its much awaited premiere that August 11, 2023, striking the screens of people around the country via MBS. This TV show has swiftly become a fan favorite because to its clever combination of comedic and romantic themes.

As the pilot season begins, fans can anticipate 30-minute episodes full of humor, romance, and surprises. The program has settled into a good weekly slot, giving viewers a cool way to start their weekends.

Every week on Friday at 1:29 pm, you can count on MBS to air the most recent episode of “My Personal Weatherman.” This lovely and intriguing series is perfect for escaping into after a hard day or week.

There is a hot romance between a meteorologist & his secret lover in the Japanese BL series My Personal Weatherman. The protagonist is a manga artist who can’t earn a living from his work.

His celebrity roommate is a weather reporter and has offered to pay for everything. However, there is a catch to accepting his financial aid. The hero has to help out around the home, follow orders, and please his wealthy patron sexually.

The Japanese title for the manga series by Nikke Taino is (Hepburn: Taikan Yoh, lit. “Bodily Sensation Forecast”), which translates to “My Personal Weatherman.” Since November 21, 2020, you may read it in serial form on the manga site Comic CMoa.

Drama Shower, a programming block produced by MBS in partnership alongside Tunku, Kadokawa Corporation’s label for live-action guys’ love television dramas, televised a live-action television drama adaption from August 11, 2023, until October 13, 2023.

My Personal Weatherman Season 2 Release Date:

Given the generally good statistics of the current 1st season, reviewers’ consensus, a general rating of My Personal Weatherman from IMDb, as well as television ratings & reception on Metacritic & Rotten Tomatoes, it looks like My Personal Weatherman season two is due to materialize.

My Personal Weatherman Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of My Personal Weatherman does not yet have a trailer accessible for viewing online.

My Personal Weatherman Season 2 Cast:

  • Kohei Higuchi as Mizuki Segasaki
  • Atsuki Mashiko as Yô Tanada
  • Sayuri Matsumura As aisan.
  • Papiko
  • Atom Mizuishi
  • Nao Hoshino
  • Mamoru Tsubouchi
  • Masaya Nojima
  • Aya Mizuno
  • Hiroki Ochi
  • Yume Iroha
  • Kairi Tadano
  • Fûma Takii
  • Maiki Nishimoto

My Personal Weatherman Season 2 Storyline:

Does the kind and reliable Mizuki Segasaki confirm this? Behind this attractive facade is a complete dictatorship that is difficult to believe.

The true shock is that despite the fact he lived on the edge, he has the support of Yo Tanada, the maestro of sex cartoons. Ugh, the suspense! God bless Mizuki, he plays the role of the devoted househusband who puts everyone else’s needs before his own.

However, it is unclear how this peculiar arrangement was reached. A pledge was the first step, as we can see. Mizuki had promised Yo who is still trying to make a name for himself in the manga industry that she would take care of him while he waits for his big break. What’s wrong? You have to do something most people wouldn’t dare: obey Mizuki. I mean, really?

Segasaki & Yo live their lives away from prying eyes within their modest abode. They agreed to wait until morning to reveal their understanding. Be cautious, however. The rainy season always seems to roll in just when Yo is starting to feel clearheaded. Perhaps there is a snag in paradise?

Our glum weatherman, Segasaki, will be sharing screen time with the new and very attractive actress, Aika Hiyoshi. Aika is stunning and charming; she really has it all.

But that’s starting to change. Although Mizuki is surprised by Aika’s presence, he can’t help but be angered by the fangirl mania of individuals like Manju (Matsumura Sayuri).

A storm is brewing in this intricate web of interconnections; prepare accordingly. New drama is on the horizon, and it will be more bewildering and combustible than anything you’ve experienced before. Prepare for an adventure into the caves of the heart, where you’ll find secrets, ambitions, and unpredictable weather.

Yoh is OK with his roommate’s terms. Segasaki’s encouragement has allowed Yoh to keep with his eroge comic. He stays in his room all day, sketching and painting.

He and his closest buddy, Man, get together sometimes. While earning a living, they have a tendency of monitoring the weather channel.

Segasaki is a meteorologist who works with the team. A guy has secret feelings for the good-looking newsman. Yoh’s cohabitation with him is a secret from her. Yoh hides his connection from his friends and family.

As part of their contract, Yoh undertakes the tasks including shopping, cleaning, and washing. Even the meals are prepared by him. When Segasaki gets home from work, they eat together every night.

Yoh is Segasaki’s subordinate, and the latter orders him to do errands around the home. Yoh obeys without questioning or challenging these directives.

In his heart, he can’t help but feel like a servant. Segasaki never shows appreciation to Yoh for everything he does around the house. Despite his dissatisfaction, Yoh stays submissive and doesn’t say out.

Yoh and Segasaki are also sexual partners. The two housemates have a physical relationship. Having sex is an element of their everyday. However, Segasaki operates under an unusual rule.

His preference is for pleasant days exclusively. If it’s raining, they won’t show love. Yoh is befuddled by this regulation. He tunes in to the weather report so he can mentally prepare for cloudy or clear skies.

Segasaki has a habit of getting home late from work recently. He has specifically requested that Yoh not make him supper. Yoh also sees that a fresh anchor is providing the weather forecasts with Segasaki.

Hiyoshi is a stunning young lady with ample chest coverage. Also, it’s been rainy recently, so they’ve been holding off on sexual activity. Yoh is anxious that Segasaki is losing interest in him. One night, Yoh drinks too much and lashes forth at Segasaki, letting all his pent-up emotions go.

Where To Watch My Personal Weatherman Season 2?

The program is normally accessible to Viki Rakuten alongside English subtitles, although it was formerly available on Netflix. YouTube and other video-sharing sites and social media platforms provide show snippets that fans can watch and discuss. There are alternative places to watch the program online, but I don’t support piracy.

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