Nailed It Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Are you a very terrible baker? Do you’ve got more shells than eggs in your batch of raw eggs? Do you try to prepare brownies using your “skills” but wind up with lumpy cookies as a result, setting off the smoke alarm? There’s no need to be too self-critical.

On its bake-off rivalry series “Nailed It,” Netflix gives $10,000 and a “nailed it!” trophy to the worst bakers in the world. What is known regarding the reality television program is as follows:

Netflix’s Nailed It! is a reality-based baking competition series created by Magical Elves Productions. Nailed It! is unlike any other bake-off series we have seen before, and it is hosted by the boisterous and funny Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres.

Patrick J. Doody and Cat Sullivan are the show’s primary executive producers, with several more producers including Daniel Calin, Jillian Mireles, Dale Pitman, and Ryan Cooper temporarily joining the team. A list of every member of the Nailed It! team is available.

Nailed It Season 8 Release Date:

If you like watching culinary and cuisine programs, you may be excited to learn that Netflix has renewed Nailed It! for an additional season.

Nailed It! Season 8: Will it happen? This well-liked Netflix baking series still doesn’t have a guaranteed second season.

Since the show has a special place in the hearts of those who are prepared to watch the new season with plenty of tricks, treats, and ghoulish surprises, Netflix and the fans are anticipating strong numbers for the show with the release of Season 7.

The audience will have to remain patient longer since Season 8 of Nailed It! has not yet been renewed. But this time, as it is a “Halloween-themed season,” the sweets are purposefully spooky.

Nailed It! Season 8 won’t be available till the latter part of 2023, even if it is approved, since Season 7 has just been made available. Therefore, the wait for the new season will undoubtedly be lengthy.

Nailed It Season 8 Trailer Release:

On September 21, Netflix published the seventh season of Nailed It!’s trailer. The Season 7 trailer for Nailed It! is just as entertaining to watch as previous ones have been, and it never fails to engage viewers and get them eager for the launch.

The season is anticipated to bring terrifying but tasty bites with each episode, despite the fact that this time the program is focused on a Halloween theme.

Nailed It Season 8 Cast:

In March 2018, Nailed It! made its Netflix debut. Since that time, the show has been hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres.

Fans would anticipate Nicole and the top judge to return if Netflix decides to renew Nailed It! for Season 8. For Nailed It!, Nicole Byer received an award nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Competition Program on three occasions.

This demonstrates that she is the most qualified host for the program. The first black woman to be recognized in this category is Nicole Byer.

Nailed It Season 8 Storyline:

Three novice bakers compete in Nailed It! to duplicate two complex cakes, the first one being their choice and the second being a big test.

Although Nailed It! episodes are only about fifteen minutes long, the competition lasts much longer.

To ensure that a professional baker is not competing for the $10,000 big prize by claiming to be an amateur, the bakers’ terrible abilities are shown before the bake-off. Since we get paid for being bad, this one is for us.

The finalists get to choose which masterwork they’ll try to recreate in the first task, dubbed “Baker’s Choice.”

The victor of this round receives a special award and gets to participate in the second challenge while wearing a golden chef’s hat. The poorest baker in this task receives a little bit of assistance in the subsequent one as well since this is a program that encourages imperfections.

In the second task, dubbed “Nail It or Fail It,” competitors had two hours to reproduce a challenging cake from scratch.

Every participant receives a “Panic Button,” which grants them a minute of help from any judge. Here is the small reward.

The baker who performed the poorest in the previous task receives one extra button, as I previously said. (It isn’t referred to as such on the episode.) I’ll name it the “Sabotage Button.” This option enables the baker who performs the worst to request a favor, wasting the time of the other bakers.

The button often signifies that one of the judges, Nicole Byer, gets to really irritate the bakers, but it might also signify other things.

Finally, the winner cake is chosen by the three judges—Nicole Byer, Jacques Torres, and a guest judge who alternates between each episode—based on both appearance and flavor. The most talented of the worst bakers receives the ultimate prize of $10,000 & a Nailed It! trophy after being named the champion.

The program typically consists of stages where amateur bakers with a poor track record attempt to recreate edible works of art in an effort to win a $10,000 reward.

If confirmed, Nailed It! Season 8 will feature a distinctive theme similar to Season 7’s Halloween.

Season 7 will undoubtedly be a tremendous Halloween celebration for judges and the viewers alike.

This time, Netflix has invited artists from various programs to test their baking prowess on the program.

Nicole Byer is shown wearing a gown and a royal-style attire that includes a crown. What do you anticipate Nailed It! Season 8’s central subject to be?

In the Netflix series Nailed It!, amateur bakers with a dismal track record attempt to recreate delicious works of art in an effort to win a $10,000 reward.

This year, this baking extravaganza received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Competition.

Nicole Byer, the host, was nominated for Outstanding Host. The seventh season of Nailed It! will have a Halloween theme and special appearances from a few of the most well-liked Netflix programs.

Where To Watch Nailed It Season 8?

Nailed It! has 56 half-hour episodes, all of which are only available on Netflix right now.

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