‘NCIS’ Season 17: Fans pat Ziva David’s back and call her a’badass’ for battling health issues

NCIS’ audiences believe Ziva David is one of the most powerful female characters and it’s positive that she’s honest and open about her battle with mental health problems.

Following the installment titled’From the Darkness’ aired on September 24, audiences could not quit speaking about Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David go back after a six-year lack to the series.

Viewers were excited about some’Tiva’ reunion, however following the season , her battle with mental health problems turned into a point on Twitter.

“Ziva requiring medicine for stress and combating mental health problems. Among the female characters written, not being frightened to discuss that she wants help.

Thank you,” one fan wrote and yet another one submitted,”Frankly, Ziva along with her nervousness only made me appreciate her more. My kick-ass ninja with emotional health problems and tablets just hit .

” #Ziva’s anxiety battle is so real once you’ve already been there on your own… psychological wellness isn’t a joke,” one conversation and yet another stated,”Ziva is rear.

She is to be honest and open about her health, an badass. And she doesn’t get idioms.

“In case you’re a Ziva enthusiast and somebody who appreciates mental wellness, it is going to warm your heart as it did mine.

I am literally wound out of the 1 hour NCIS and the two and hours of basketball oh my goodness,” another enthusiast published and a single tweet :”And that I love, love, appreciate which they are ultimately treating Ziva just like a person being and eventually demonstrating the cost of all she is done, all she has been on her psychological wellness.”

“She acknowledges that among her allies is tension. After all Ziva had been in her own lifetime along with also that which we watched over time, she needed to have been changed in various ways.

Her health for certain. PTSD, depression, anxiety, self-loathing are one of the things we saw/see symptoms shown in actions Ziva’s words, and emotions.

To acknowledge that she wanted help was a significant thing for her.

To take the drugs that that the demon that is silence is a landmark. Folks are today talking about her ‘looney tunes’ as well as other names”
Executive producer Frank Cardea clarified that”a great deal of this story we inform goes all of the way back into the beginning of Ziva.”

“There will likely probably be a really large complete circle when everything is done and said. It’ll be clear. Since the installment titled’Into the Light’ airs on October 1 to CBS, there is hope that a lot of the lifetime of Ziva is going to be researched.

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