Never Let Me Go Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Never Let Me Go, a Thai television series produced by Jojo Tichakorn Phukhaotong, has lately received high ratings from both fans and critics.

We’ll talk about the upcoming second season of the show today. You can find out all the information here on Never Let Me Go Season 2’s publication date, cast, and episode information, as well as if it has been renewed or cancelled. So, when can we expect the second season? So let’s get started and learn what to anticipate!

On December 13, 2022, the first episode of the continuing Thai romance drama series Never Let Me Go aired.

There haven’t been any news about the drama’s second season as it is presently running. When the initial season of Never Let Me Go finishes, viewers may anticipate any information concerning season 2.

Never Let Me Go Season 2 Release Date:

A release date for Never Let Me Go season 2 cannot yet be anticipated. The first four episodes of the Thai television drama series have recently begun to show.

Enjoy the very first season, however given that each season has been published after an average interval of 14 months, we anticipate the following season to be published somewhere in the first half of 2024.

We’ll let you guys know when we learn anything new regarding Never Let Me Go’s second season.

Never Let Me Go Season 2 Trailer Release:

Never Let Me Go season 2 doesn’t yet have a trailer. It is unknown whether or if there will be a second season since it has not yet been announced. So, for the time being, fans shouldn’t anticipate a trailer.

Never Let Me Go Season 2 Cast:

Never Let Me Go’s second season has not yet been confirmed. The first season’s plot, ratings, and reception will primarily determine if a second season is produced.

Therefore, it is hard to predict who will appear in Never Let Me Go’s second season. The key actors Pond Naravit Lertratkosum and Phuwin Tangsakyuen, who played Palm and Nuengdiao, respectively, are anticipated to return in the second season.

Never Let Me Go Season 2 Storyline:

The cliche of the bodyguard-turned-lover is used in Never Let Me Go. The wealthy and famous family business heir Nuengdiao is the subject of the television show. Nuengdiao has always followed the rigorous family standards and has never allowed himself to make mistakes.

However, a power struggle between them as well as the other family results in his father being shot directly in front of his eyes.

This completely upends Nuengdiao’s life and puts both him as well as his mother in jeopardy. Nuengdiao must yet complete his high school coursework.

One of the Kiattrakulmethee family’s devoted servants then moves forward to provide protection for him.

Palm is chosen to protect Nuengdiao. But when Palm enters his life, a reclusive Nuengdiao begins to feel things he never knew he could.

Never Let Me Go’s first season is still broadcasting. The show is being shown each week on GMM 25.

Well, the first season’s conclusion will have to be patiently awaited by spectators. But seeing the series’ plot develop week by week is more fascinating and intriguing.

It is still unclear if the Thai show will get a second season. However, fans may anticipate seeing more of Nuengdiao and Palm’s connection if season two is extended.

The conclusion of season one will be intriguing to see since it will affect how the second season plays out.

Never Let Me Go’s first season has just recently begun, thus there is still plenty to be done. Just four episodes have been made available so far.

After his father tragically dies in front of him, Nuengdiao finds himself in charge of running the family company at the beginning of the series.

He quickly understands that he must also take care of his mother since both of them are in immediate danger.

Nuengdiao is a respectable family manager who is also a straightforward high school student. The kid of one of the dependable workers, Palm, stays with Nuengdiao & his mother in the meantime.

While Nuengdiao is in high school, Palm covertly serves as his bodyguard. From the very first day of each other’s interaction, the two seem to gel.

Following the grief of his father’s passing, Nuengdiao becomes more outgoing thanks to Palm. Nuengdiao realizes he could feel more than simply buddies with Palm after the two begin to form a relationship.

After a fight at high school, Palm beats Phum and is kicked out of the building. Nuengdiao resolves to assist Palm with his academics after feeling sorry for him after his expulsion. Nuengdiao visits Palm’s room to study after the two collaborate on a project together.

Palm hesitates because his room is cramped and disorganized. But Nuengdiao maintains that he gets lonely in his spacious apartment and sometimes wishes Palm would come hang around.

But when Palm sees him and Ben sharing a kiss in the piano room, she is irate and envious. However, Nuengdiao also witnesses Palm and Maggie dancing, which infuriates him. He becomes inebriated and criticizes Palm for being negligent.

Never Let Me Go Season 2 Rating:

Never Let Me Go has received excellent reviews from audiences both in Thailand and throughout the globe. IMDb and MyDramaList both give the series an 8.4 from 10 grade for its overall quality.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Never Let Me Go Season 2?

Do you like the popular science fiction series Never Let Me Go? If so, you undoubtedly want to know how many episodes Season 2 will have.

The precise number of episodes has not been disclosed by the show’s makers. Fans are excited to find out what is in prepared for them after season 1’s overwhelming popularity and cliffhanger finale.

The second season is anticipated to include at least 12 episodes, while the actual number has not yet been revealed.

As a result, information on the show’s actual number of episodes will have to wait until viewers tune in.

Where To Watch Never Let Me Go Season 2?

The GMM 25 television channel presently broadcasts Never Let Me Go on a weekly basis. The series is also available on YouTube for fans worldwide. On YouTube, the episodes are accessible with English subtitles.

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