Norn9 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Norn9 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

An otome game on the PlayStation Portable is called Norn9. In 2013, the game was released. In 2015, a fan CD dubbed Norn9: Last Era was made available.

It was decided to produce an anime version of this game in 2014. There are some updates on Norn9 Season 2, which aired from January through March of 2016.

Takao Abo served as the show’s director, while Hirotaka Kaneko, Kazuhiro Kanemitsu, Mitsutoshi Ogura, Satoshi Fukao, Shigeki Hosoda, Takashi Iwasaki, Takema Okamura, Yoshiyasu Hayashi, Katsumi Kikumasa, Tomohiko Shigenaga, Ran Nomura, & Jun Nishimura served as the show’s producers.

Norn9 Season 2 Release Date:

The Norn 9 series has been available for more than four years. The series has received a lot of support from fans. And right now, everyone is impatiently awaiting the Norn9 series’ conclusion.

For the last four years, they have pushed for the series’ continuation. The series’ creators, however, have remained silent and have not said anything. So, will we be able to see Season 2 of Norn 9? The specifics are shown below.

The first season of this anime was co-produced by Kinema Citrus and Studio Orange. And since the conclusion of season 1, the fans have not heard from them.

Regarding the series’ renewal or cancellation, there is no news. Because the television series depends on a video game, it’s difficult to say if a second season will air or not.

The creation of Norn9 the second season would need more material from the producers. Therefore, it is expected that until a new game is published, fans won’t be able to see another season.

Norn9 Season 2 Trailer Release:

The norn9 season 2 trailer is not yet available. On the YouTube channel, you may see footage of prior seasons’ trailers.

Norn9 Season 2 Cast:

  • Koharu: voiced by Ayumi Fujimura
  • Mikoto Kuga: voiced by Ayahi Takagaki
  • Nanami Shiranui: voiced by Asami Seto
  • Kakeru Yuiga: voiced by Yūki Kaji
  • Senri Ichinose: voiced by Hiro Shimono
  • Masamune Tōya: voiced by Takuya Satō
  • Natsuhiko Azuma: voiced by Daisuke Ono
  • Sakura Nijō: voiced by Mitsuki Saiga
  • Itsuki Kagami: voiced by Kōji Yusa
  • Akito Shukuri: voiced by Noriaki Sugiyana
  • Ron Muroboshi: voiced by Tomokazu Sugita
  • Heishi Otomaru: voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino
  • Sorata Suzuhara: voiced by Atsushi Abe
  • Shirō Yuiga: voiced by Kenji Hamada
  • Aion: voiced by Nagi Yanagi
  • Setsu Takeshima: voiced by Mitsuhiro.
  • Kazuha Kagamumi: voiced by Miho Arakawa
  • Motohisa Tōya: voiced by Yōji Ueda
  • Nagisa Totonose: voiced by Ryōka Yuzuki
  • Yahiro Saishō: voiced by Yuichi Nakamura

Norn9 Season 2 Storyline:

Sorata Suzuhara, an elementary school teacher who continues to talk about guiding their views and romanticism, serves as the anime series’ primary protagonist and contributes to its compelling plot.

He was once driving along when he heard an odd music coming from out in the distance. He immediately stopped and went to the noise. He was traveling on the cutting-edge cruiser Norn9 when the music transported him to 1919.

Three girls & eight guys with exceptional powers make up the group The Gifted. He learns amazing mysteries about the planet as he searches for a means to go back to his time.

In 1919, the television serial takes place. A strange adolescent girl is initially presented to us in the first episode. She arrives on board the sailing vessel Norn9. Teenagers with unique talents have congregated on this ship in large numbers.

Our knowledge of their names comes later. Nanami Shiranui and Mikoto Kuga are two female names. They are Kakeru Yuiga, Senri Ichinose, Masamune Tya, Sakuya Nij, Itsuki Kagami, Akito Shukuri, Ron Muroboshi, & Heishi Otomaru, together with eight other guys. Will there be a second season of Norn 9?

The youngsters are members of a group called The World. The children’s abilities are used to preserve the tranquility and peace on Earth. Knowing more about other species is also beneficial. Since Mikoto can’t remember her name, Kakeru goes with her.

Together, they accomplish a number of chores and begin caring for a peach tree. But when she reaches for a delicious peach, she tumbles from a tree.

Kakeru prevents her from falling into the sea. Soon later, the unidentified girl recalls her name: Koharu. The details of Norn 9 the second season remain a mystery.

Child prodigy Sorata Suzuhara blacks out after getting lost while on a field trip with his class in Norn9: Var Commons. When he awakens, he finds himself in an unusual setting and meets a female who tells him he is in Japan during the Taisho period! To assist him in returning home, she directs him to a ship, but it is not a wooden sailing vessel but rather a spherical aircraft that soars with technology beyond Sorata’s comprehension.

Even weirder, he finds twelve people traveling under the direction of a global organization know only as The World: three young ladies and nine young men who are all espers with exceptional abilities.

What’s the goal of their trip? What is The World, and where are they going? The ship is assaulted, and the mystery only becomes stranger, before Sorata can even start to gasp at his predicament. Explore the ship’s history through each of the girls’ perspectives to solve the secrets that are hidden inside.

The main character of the series of anime, Sorata Suzuhara, spoke extensively about their ideals and romanticism, creating an engrossing narrative.

He swiftly arrived to the sound after hearing a lovely song being performed from a distance one day when he was travelling. The young hero was unable to resist since the music was so alluring and amazing. Sorata was drawn into a perilous scenario by this song.

He is unable to recall how he got here and has no idea how to leave. He took a quick glance around and realized that his home and upbringing are everything that he is. But that’s about the extent of how he changed beyond recognition, as if he were in a different era.

Where To Watch Norn9 Season 2?

Although there is no official statement on when Norn9 Season 2 will be released. We’re not yet sure whether it will be cancelled or renewed.

However, Crunchyroll undoubtedly has season 1 available. Crunchyroll offers access to all of the episodes. So if you haven’t already viewed them, do so right now.

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