Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble is a popular supernatural TV show in Taiwan, and its audience can’t wait for Season 2 to air. On April 15, 2023, the premiere of Season 1 aired, and the program has since been a fast favorite among fans of fiction and supernatural dramas.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re a fan of the show who can’t wait for Season 2 and wants to know all there is to know about it. Following this line, you will find all the details you need to know about this exciting program.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Season 2 Release Date

Inquiring minds want to know whether Season 2 of “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble” will ever be made. The audience is waiting with bated breath to hear if the program will be picked up for a second season or canceled. Fans of the show now feel a feeling of anticipation and tension because of the unknown future of the series.

The eccentric and fascinating characters in “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble” are a major selling point. These individuals have been essential in maintaining the interest of the audience in the show’s plot. The series has included a wide range of characters, from mysterious otherworldly entities to eccentric and likable people, all of whom have added something special to the show’s enduring popularity.

The show’s success may be attributed to its innovative combination of supernatural themes, complex narrative, and a distinctive ensemble cast. Season 1’s secrets, tensions, and interpersonal interactions have kept viewers glued to their screens.

Fans are still holding out hope that the show would be renewed for a second season despite the lack of any official updates. Fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for any news regarding the future of “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble,” because of the possibility of additional adventures with the characters they love and the promise of finding more mystical secrets.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Story

A synopsis of the intriguing new Taiwanese drama series “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble,” which debuted in April of 2023. Fantasy, the supernatural, humor, and drama all come together in this exciting production. Tseng Jing-hua stars as Pu Yi-Yong, a high school student who, after a near-fatal vehicle accident, develops exceptional abilities.

Pu falls into a coma and wakes up with extraordinary abilities. Helping ghosts have their desires granted and navigating a world full of the uncanny, Pu sets off on a magical journey with rookie policewoman Chen Chu-Ying and school adversary Cao Guang-Yan. Feel the full range of human emotion as our intrepid team overcomes obstacles and leads wayward travelers to safety.

And get to see firsthand how they must navigate the space between the fantastic and the everyday. Is it better or worse that Pu has these abilities? Where will their relationships go from here in the afterlife? Step into the fantastical world of “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Again,” where fantastical powers, hilarious situations, and touching drama all coexist. Listen to each riveting new episode as the recurring drama keeps you anticipating what will happen next.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Season 2 Cast

  • Tseng Jing-hua as Pu Yi-Yong
  • Vivian Sung as Chen Chu-Ying, rookie policewoman
  • Peng Cian-You as Cao Guang Yan, Pu Yi-Yong’s school rival
  • Cheryl Yang as Ye Bao Sheng, Pu Yi-Yong’s mother
  • Hou Yan Xi as Cui Zhao Wan
  • Mario Pu as Cao Guang-Yan’s father
  • Sun Qing as Pu Zhan Kui
  • Bobby Dou as Pu Ren Xiu
  • Vince Kao as Pu Zhan Kui [Young]
  • Yao Chun-yao as Zheng Li Song
  • Joe Cheng as Yu Zhen Yuan
  • Rexen Cheng as the Stone God
  • Fandy Fan as Lin Yong Chuan
  • Joanne Missingham as Lady of the tattoo
  • Chi Chin as Lin Jing Mei
  • Derek Chang as Zhuang He Zhen
  • Chung Hsin-ling as He Shou Tang
  • Sphinx Ting as Xie Hui
  • Chanon Santinatornkul as Yang Ning

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Season 2 Storyline

Short plot summary of “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble,” an upcoming 2023 Taiwanese drama Fantasy, the supernatural, humor, and drama are all present in this entertaining program. See how Pu Yi-Yong (Tseng Jing-hua), a high school student, gains extraordinary abilities after surviving a near-fatal car crash.

Please share your thoughts on how Season 2 of Oh No! A storm is on the horizon. Either way, Pu goes into a coma and wakes up with superpowers, regardless of the show’s fate. Chen Chu-Ying, a rookie police officer, Pu, and Cao Guang-Yan, Pu’s high school nemesis, go on a fantastic journey to grant the desires of spirits. Experience a range of emotions as our heroic crew overcomes dangers to aid the lost.

And see firsthand their struggles to reconcile the spectacular with the mundane. What effect, if any, will Pu’s skills have on him? How would their connections develop in the hereafter, if at all? In “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Again,” you may experience a world where magic, comedy, and heartbreaking drama coexist. No matter how often trouble returns, don’t miss one episode!

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Season 2 Trailer

No trailer for Season 2 of Oh No Here Comes Trouble has been released as of yet because there has been no confirmation of the show’s renewal; however, given that a second season is most likely to premiere sometime in 2024, a trailer for Season 2 could arrive as early as late 2023 or as late as early 2024.

Oh No! Here Comes Trouble Rating

Fans all across the globe have cherished the program ever since it debuted. Its widespread acclaim is shown by its high IMDb and Mydramalist ratings: 8.1 and 8.9, respectively.


The second season of the supernatural comedy/drama “Oh No! Here Comes Trouble” has fans anticipating even more magic, laughter, and interesting plots. Despite the lack of an official release date, the show’s popularity and anticipation level strongly point to a comeback in 2024. Keep checking back for more information as Trouble’s exciting journey progresses.

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