“On the set I made all the children cry”

Pennywise, the famous character of It, the novel written by Stephen King has terrified entire generations of kids and apparently, for Bill Skarsgard it must not have been easy to interpret.

In fact, the actor revealed in a long interview with Interview Magazine, that during the filming of this film directed by he terrorized and made all the children present cry:

“I wasn’t very sociable on set. I tried to keep that kind of character weirdness, at least when I was wearing full Pennywise makeup. At one point, we set up a scene and they let some kids in, and none of them had seen me before. The parents brought in all these little extras and, at that point, I go out dressed as Pennywise and I see those kids, I see their reaction “.

Of course, the kids weren’t very happy with the sight of that monster: “They couldn’t even look at me and still others were even shaking. One started crying. He started crying just before the director shouted“ Action! ”And when the director says“ action ‘, I’m already completely in character. Some of these children, therefore, they got scared and started crying in the middle of the scene and then I realized, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing? What is this? It’s awful’. I felt really guilty. “

Among other things, it seems that Sophia Lillis also has some problems with clowns after It.

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