One Punch Man Chapter 164 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

One Punch Man Chapter 164 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

One Punch Man is a well-known hard-core superhero actions manga that Yusuke Murata of Eye Shield 21 adapted to the original we comic by ONE. It has some of its most well-known combat and violent sequences, along with detailed character biographies and images.

The long-awaited battle between Saitama and Garou has already begun. They fight as Garoua unknowingly continues to assist others and receives accolades for it. He destroys the active volcano after first aiding the humans who were trapped beneath in their battle against all of these creatures.

One Punch Man Chapter 164 Release Date:

New chapters are often published on the initial or last Saturday of the month, according to our sources. We may thus assume that One Punch Man Chapter 164 will be published on June 8, 2023, based on the previous two chapters.

One Punch Man Chapter 164 Trailer Release:

One Punch Man Chapter 164 does not have an official trailer video. The YouTube channel has footage of prior seasons’ trailers.

One Punch Man Chapter 164 Cast:

  • Atomic Samurai Child Emperor Metal Knight King Zombieman Drive Knight Pig God Superalloy Blackluster Watchdog Man
  • Saitama Genos Blast Tornado Bang
  • Prisoner of Puri-Puri, Flashy Flash Tank-Top Master Metal Bat
  • Mask, Amai
  • Snek Snakebite
  • Spring and the Golden Ball Mustachio Lightning Max Stinger

There are several more figures present, including adversaries and disciples.

One Punch Man Chapter 164 Storyline:

The heroic rescue crew talks about current developments. Sekingar continues to caution all the heroes about monsters may emerge anywhere at any time, so they should complete their rescue missions promptly even when the threats seem to have subsided.

Lightning Max questions if Sage Centipede & Evil Ocean Water really were defeated, to which Tareo reveals that it was his uncle Garou who really crushed them. Unexpectedly, an earthquake occurs without warning and portends impending changes.

The true cause of the earthquake, however, seems to be the conflict between Saitama and the Garou. Despite the brutality with which Garou hits him, Saitama remains able to defend himself and repeat his attack.

As the brutal conflict between the Garou and Saitama continues on, much of the landscape is being destroyed and both sides are often exchanging deadly blows before regenerating. Then, when Tareo approaches him, Garou’s body begins to mutate, which frightens him, and his assaults become so fierce that Saitama is dispatched to another heroes far away.

All of the other heroes, together with Tareo, board a boat and sail off to sea after realizing that Garou is now a monster. But in order to see Garou, Tareo slips away & swims back to shore.

After three decades of training, Saitama, who first became a hero for amusement, proves to be so strong that he can destroy his foes with a single punch. Then, Saitama is prepared to begin all of his formal tasks as a working hero for the Hero Association.

Sekingar reviews recent events with the hero rescue team. Although the terrifying situation seems to have subsided, Sekingar warns the other heroes that creatures might still arrive at any moment, highlighting the need of swiftly conducting rescue operations. Lightning Tareo responds that “uncle” (as he refers to Garou) vanquished both Sage Centipede and Evil Ocean Water in response to Max’s question regarding their defeats.

Mumen Rider asks Tareo whether or not the “uncle” he’s referring to is wearing a tank top, and Tareo says he doesn’t think so. They are shocked when an earthquake suddenly occurs, and they start to fear that something terrible is going to happen again.

The true conflict between Saitama, the earthquake’s cause, and the Garou starts well above the sky. Despite Garou’s viciousness, Saitama is able to safely deflect his punch.the earthquake’s origin starts. Despite Garou’s viciousness, Saitama is able to safely deflect his punch.

He then punches a Garou, but the Hero Hunter blocks it and ax-kicks him to be the ground, causing destruction on a large area of land. Saitama gets struck in the head by Garou as he charges at him with a chop of the fist.

Instead of selling his chop, Saitama strikes back with a headbutt that utterly obliterates Garou’s forearm. Saitama, on the other hand, only wants to talk to Garou, but Garou quickly regenerates his forearm and starts to attack him. Saitama strikes Garou in a rage, sending him flying towards Tareo’s direction and the direction of the other heroes.

Garou’s body starts to change as Tareo gets closer, terrifying the child. Tareo is taken away from Garou by Max and Sneck, who perceive Garou to be a monster.

Tareo’s two boats are packed with the injured and other heroes who leave right away. Tareo escapes & swims back to shore to meet Garou as the boat carrying him starts to sink into the water.

Readers may anticipate the comedy in addition to the exciting action sequences. It’s very amusing, from the names of the characters to things that Saitama muses to himself when he battles a monster.

Did I also mention that One Punch Man has a fantastic plot? The manga is filled with nonstop action. Although the idea of Saitama being so strong would seem to have no storyline, this is what makes this comic so beautiful. Each adversary presents a unique challenge to Saitama on an alternate scale.

Saitama, although being thus powerful, is seen as low in the Hero Association, unlike to every other manga out there that depicts the hero as being idolized by everyone. The manga’s outstanding artwork further captivates viewers of this comic strip.

Where To Watch One Punch Man Chapter 164?

One Punch Man, whose fan translation is widely accessible online, may be read a day or two after its initial Japanese publication.

Although Viz is somewhat behind schedule with its chapters, it would still be a lengthy wait to read the official translations on their website. One Punch Man’s earlier volumes are also available for purchase offline or online.

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