Operation True Love Chapter 79 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Operation True Love Chapter 79 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Who doesn’t like a good love story? and in Operation True Love, that is precisely what we receive. Because it is now one of the market’s underdogs, a lot of you may have known of this web comic, but others of you may not have.

According what we have observed, it has amassed a sizable and devoted fan following throughout the globe, mostly as a result of the compelling narrative that has drawn in many otaku.

Additionally, one of the main explanations for why people have been drawn to the characters in this specific manga is because they are extremely realistic.

For those who are unfamiliar with the plot, Su-ae Shim is a character who struggles to keep into her lover Minu Kang, who ultimately doesn’t give her any attention.

She also has a stepsister, who is essentially the more endearing one and possibly has a romantic relationship with Minu Kang. With the arrival of Eunhyeok, who is essentially a buddy of Minu and has managed to strike up an excellent rapport with Su-ae Shim, the plot now entirely shifts.

Operation True Love Chapter 79 Release Date:

Additionally, the 79th chapter of this specific series will be sent to us on September 22 or 23, 2023, depending on where the reader is located, and we have confirmed from our sources that there has been no holdup in the manufacturing process.

In addition, for those curious about this series’ release timetable, it isn’t all that different; new chapters are often released on either Friday or Saturday of each week. On November 6, 2022, we also received the first installment of this specific series.

Operation True Love Chapter 79 Trailer Release:

Yes, Operation True Love, Chapter 79 has a trailer video available.

Operation True Love Chapter 79 Storyline:

At the start of the last chapter there was a nice picture of Eunhyeok Go eating a strawberry. It’s likely that the author consented to it due to pleas from fans. Alternately, the author could be highlighting the fact that Eunhyeok Go was the chapter’s main emphasis.

This series’ 8888, an anonymous character, got a text message. It made reference to Su-ae Shim’s most recent post. Su-ae Shim examines her phone while she washes her hair. She was really interested in the part she had just auditioned for. She was perplexed by the silence.

The previous episode starts off with a stunning image of Eunhyeok Go enjoying a strawberry. Most likely, it was a request by the author’s followers. Alternatively, the author may be informing us that Eunhyeok Go was the only character the chapter was devoted to.

A notification message appeared on the phone of Eighteen 88, an unnamed character in this series. Su-ae Shim’s most recent upload was discussed.

Su-ae Shim is caught looking at her phone while in the bathtub. She was interested in the chapter that she had lately posted. She questioned why there wasn’t a reaction as of yet.

Su-ae Shim is shown in her bedroom in the panel that follows. and utilizes a computer. She looked for signs that someone older than 18 had read it.

Finally, she discovered that Eighteen 88 had been by and had likely read the chapter as usual, but this time was unique. He didn’t provide any feedback to the previous chapter. She questioned his decision not to comment. She questions if she was right to suspect that ‘Eighteen 88’ was Marang’s CEO.

She started to think that Eighteen 88 is just a regular reader. Whether or whether she is right is debatable. The solution won’t be known until later. Su-ae Shim felt sorry for herself since she had come up with the worst scenario.

Whether Eighteen 88 is a CEO or a fan, he is definitely disappointed by this conclusion. She finally makes a commitment to see the Marang CEO at whatever costs.

Later on, we learn that Eunhyeok Go had been on her side from the beginning. She must thus offer all she has. Su-ae Shim is seen to be contemplating something while arguing vehemently with the CEO of Marang. She asks him to fulfill her wish. If he complies, she will provide a fitting conclusion.

The majority of “Operation True Love” chapter 78 was devoted to character growth, with specific emphasis placed on Eunhyeok Go. Eunhyeok Go was seen eating a strawberry in the opening scene of the chapter, probably in answer to fan demands. One of the main characters, Su-ae Shim, was observed in the shower frantically monitoring her phone for feedback on her most recent chapter.

Eighteightone 88, a mystery individual who was first seen in the tale, was alerted to Su-ae Shim’s most recent post. Su-ae Shim expressed interest in learning the reason her effort went unnoticed.

She looked about her room for clues that Eighteen 88 had read her chapter, but again there were none, raising questions about his identity.

Su-ae Shim’s impending music competition and her relationships with other characters, such as Ra-im Yoo, were also alluded to in the chapter. It ended with Dohwa Baek leaving for Eunhyeok Go to pick up dry-cleaned clothing, hinting to a dialogue between them that could have taken place.

Where To Watch Operation True Love Chapter 79?

On the Naver Series and Naver Webtoon, you may read Operations True Love Chapter 79 in raw (Korean) version.

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