Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

After Chapter 132’s cliffhanger, readers of Oshi No Ko are excitedly expecting the release of Chapter 133. The ideas in these manga are so original, nobody has ever thought of them before.

The spooky and mystery subgenres go a little out there in Oshi No Ko, a recent manga. Oshi No Ko was originally released by Shueisha as a manga in 2020.

In addition to its original publication in Japan, the manga Oshi No Ko has also been translated into English for a global audience. The creator of the Oshi No Ko comic is Aka Akasaka.

Mengo Yokoyari is responsible for the manga’s stunning artwork. Oshi No Ko was released in the United States by Yen Press. The Oshi No Ko television series premiered in April of 2023.

Oshi No Ko Volume 132 has been out for a while now. The readers of Oshi No Ko can’t wait for the next installment. We have compiled some details for the readers about the publication of Oshi No Ko Volume 133.

‘Oshi No Ko’ made its astonishing debut in April of 2020, and its combination of drama, intrigue, and a touch of magic immediately captivated readers. In a unique and exciting story, this manga explores the intriguing idea that idol fans are the ‘children’ of their heroes.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Release Date:

On November 29th, Oshi No Ko Volume 133 will be available. The 133rd chapter of Oshi No Ko will be available at midnight JST.

The publication date of this manga will shift from nation to country due to differences in standard time. One day later, Chapter 132 is going to be translated into English.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Trailer Release:

The 133rd chapter of Oshi No Ko does have a video preview.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 133 Storyline:

Nino & Takamine attend the set of 15 Year Lie & see their lives being represented in this movie. The supporters in B-Komachi clearly preferred Ai over Nino, despite the fact that Nino is often praised for her inherent charm.

Ruby isn’t as keen in seeing the founding members of B-Komachi as Mem and Kana are since she knows that no one could possibly beat Ai.

Ruby’s apology to Nino in her Ai costume falls hollow, despite Nino’s best efforts to channel Ai into forgiving her. In Nino’s viewpoint, Ai wouldn’t have even recognized the insult, being the unstoppable idol queen.

Notable conversations in this chapter include Kana feeling forced to study her part as Akane studies her own after seeing Nino’s emotional intensity and wanting to capture it.

The finale, however, was the most memorable part.In the chapter’s last panels, we see Nino in the phone with Hikaru Kamiki, where they plot to stop anybody, not even Ai’s daughter, from being more successful than her father. It’s foreboding, and it serves as a reminder that the story still has many more twists in store for the reader.

Chapter 133 of ‘Oshi No Ko’ has a lot of people psyched since it will reveal the next big thing that happens in the plot. As the characters set off on their new excursions, expect even more exciting experiences and intriguing story twists.

There are currently no previews available for Chapter 133, but that might change soon. Given the high stakes of the plot thus far, the next chapter is sure to have even more exciting moments and unexpected twists.

Be on the lookout for Chapter 133’s publication date and any other stunning information on our website. In this next chapter, readers will finally learn what happens to the protagonist and their closest allies.

There have been rumblings about raw scans of Chapter 133 of “Oshi No Ko” might become available online a few days before its scheduled publication on November 26, 2023.

Fans regularly post these early copies on different internet sites, with Reddit becoming a major source for locating them. These unprocessed scans provide readers a sneak look at the chapter before it’s released to the general public.

Chapter 133 of “Oshi No Ko” may still be found in English translation on Manga Plus. They are quite regular with posting new chapters online, so you can always read the most recent developments in the plot.

Keep an eye for the Yen Press 42 if you prefer paper copies or are a manga collector. All the new information about the next chapter, including the most recent plot twists, will be revealed there.

In the “Nino” chapter, the real-life former idols Takamine & Nino check out the set of the movie “15-Year Lie,” which is based on their experiences.

The folks held a talk with the singers at the location discussing their earlier experiences working in the idol band with Ai. When they asked Nino whether she ever had any ill will against Ai, she admitted that on rare occasions she did.

However, she cared for Ai and at times said she wanted to visit a dreadful location because of her. Sadly, Ai’s death made her desire come true.

In the next paragraphs, hints are dropped that imply Nino knew more about or had some kind of connection to Hikaru Kamiki, the person responsible for Ai’s killing, than she first let on.

However, this suggests that Nino was involved in Ai’s death, either directly or indirectly. As the tale progresses, the revelation creates an unsettling and frightening mood.

As Ruby overheard Nino tell Ai to “go to hell,” she questioned whether she had any regrets about her words. She expressed regret for her remarks, and Nino agreed.

To show her appreciation for Nino’s apologies, Ruby tried to be like Ai. Nino’s fragile psyche was triggered by this, and she said frankly that Ruby was lacking in Ai’s singing skill or her dazzling stage presence.

When Nino departed, she immediately blamed Hikaru Kamiki for Ai’s death. She said this to emphasize how obsessed she was with Ai, and it was clear that in her warped mind, Ai has unequaled abilities that not even Ai’s own daughter could match.

This phone conversation gave more evidence demonstrating that Nino had greater links to both the incidents and the persons related to Ai’s demise.

New information casts suspicion on Nino and adds to the foreboding atmosphere surrounding the demise of the erstwhile idols, but many aspects remain unknown.

Where To Watch Oshi No Ko Chapter 133?

The Manga Plus app & website from Shueisha are the best places to go if you’re itching to read Chapter 133. The app provides access to all chapters for a single read through, but always provides the first three chapters and the most recent three chapters at no cost.

This policy evolves with every new installment to provide fans the best possible access to cutting-edge material. The Manga Plus site is organized in a similar fashion, giving users access to the prologue, the first three chapters, and the epilogue of “Oshi no Ko.”

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