Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

After being left wanting more in Chapter 133, Oshi No Ko is excitedly anticipating the release of Chapter 134. No one has ever thought of anything like the notions presented in these mangas.

Oshi No Ko is a new manga that combines elements of mystery and the occult with strange and unusual ideas. In 2020, Shueisha released the first volume of the Oshi No Ko manga.

In addition to its Japanese distribution, the Oshi No Ko comics is also published in English for readers throughout the world. The mangaka behind Oshi No Ko go by the name of Aka Akasaka.

The stunning artwork for the manga is done by Mengo Yokoyari. Oshi No Ko is published in the United States by Yen Press. In April 2023, Yen Press also published Oshi No Ko as a television series.

No spoilers have surfaced so yet, but December 6th is the scheduled publication date of Chapter 134 of Oshi No Ko. Fans, however, are waiting for raw scans to surface on December 3rd. Manga Plus is available to Japanese readers, whereas Yen Press is the go-to site for English readers who want to get into the series.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Release Date:

Chapter 134 of Oshi No Ko will be out on December 6. According to Japanese Standard Time, Chapter 134 of Oshi No Ko will be published at 12 a.m.

Each country’s time zone will determine when this manga is released. Chapter 132’s English translation will be released the following day.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Trailer Release:

Oshi No Ko Volume 134 does, in fact, have a promo video.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Storyline:

Ruby and Kana begin the chapter by discussing Kana’s discovery at the park. After hearing that Kana knew who killed Ai, Ruby is still reeling from the trauma.

Kana continues to deny knowing Ruby’s identity, despite her repeated requests, saying that she must shield Ruby from harm and that the truth will put her in danger.

Ruby walks out in a fit of rage and frustration at Kana’s concealment, leaving Kana to face the park alone. Aqua, an idol still reeling from Ai’s murder, has a meeting with Marina Tendouji, who manages her.

Marina believes that Aqua should take a vacation from her celebrity life to concentrate on her mental health since she is worried about her.

Ruby continues to pour her heart and soul into every scene she films, despite the immense pressure she feels playing the part of her late mother Ai.

Ruby couldn’t help but think of Nino’s disdain for her performance from when they were B-Komachi members when they met. The fact that Nino’s character flaws and underlying animosity had to be investigated by Kana meant that she had to read between the lines as well.

Kana confronts Ruby about her efforts to soothe her when they meet later on. Kana draws parallels to her own history of crippling anxiety at the prospect of artistic failure when Ruby reiterates how it is a means of reconciling with her past. As a result, something unexpected happens.

Subsequently, Ruby takes the heartfelt decision to reveal her true animosity against Ruby, mirroring Nino’s sentiments towards Ai, which were kept hidden from Ruby for much too long.

This envy directed toward Ruby, the film’s protagonist, will undoubtedly highlight a key, solitary aspect of Ai’s performance. Unfortunately, Ruby and Kana’s relationship seems to be suffering as a result.

Acting, chapter 133 of Oshi no Ko, depicts Ruby’s internal struggle as she tries to overcome Nino’s criticism of her acting. Since her goal was to pursue acting professionally, she was worried that Kana would find her lackluster performance problematic. It was also important for Ruby to play her mother convincingly as she said she wanted to leave her family behind in the film.

The manga Oshi No Ko is far from finished. We will have to wait until the very end of this captivating manga to find out what happens.

The otherworldly and everyday worlds collide in a shocking way in the Oshi No Ko manga. Gorou, a gynecologist, is responsible for giving birth to Ai’s children. Ai is the most well-known Korean idol in the business world.

It just so happens that Gorou is an Ai admirer as well. But things take a dark turn when Gorou is murdered by another admirer of Ai. An artificial intelligence nut. Aqua, one of Ai’s twins, is set to be born to Gorou.

What makes Aqua unique, however, is that she has a specific ability. Aqua has complete recollection of his previous lifetime. Ruby, who is identical to Aqua, used to be a fan of Ai’s as well.

At whatever cost, Aqua will defend Ai, and Ruby will do everything to become an idol. There are several obstacles that these three main characters must overcome.

Thus, the depiction of the entertainment business coexists with the mystical aspect of reincarnation. The viewers may see the seedier side of the Korean entertainment business via Ai and Ruby’s personas. Both Ai and Ruby demonstrate the extreme difficulty of working in this field.

Where To Watch Oshi No Ko Chapter 134?

In some locations, fans may officially read the manga adaptations of Oshi No Ko. Included in this category is Shueisha’s Manga Plus in Japan. The first step is for the folks to use the free trial of Manga Plus to read.

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